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  1. Sun Strip or Whole Windshield Tint?

    I always have the windshield tinted but I live in Arizona. However, I use the almost clear stuff that just blocks the heat. 3m was the best but the heat destroys it in about 4 years. People who tint the windshield and side windows dark are just dangerous. I bought a car with side windows dark...
  2. Wildtrak question

    Have I missed a review of sport mode? Has no one driven a wildtrack for a while yet?
  3. Final Update: Boys, I might have to do it. Talk me off the cliff. Final Choice is clear

    I'm going to have to make this decision next May as I don't think my Bronco will be around until 2023. Spending next summer on a mountain though...
  4. What's your back-up plan?

    I'm going to be in the mountains next summer and need something. I don't think my bronco is due until the end of 22 if even then. So I really need something...would hate to get a jeep...
  5. Black Hole known as Twin Oaks Pennsylvania

    At least the train didn't tip over. Yet.
  6. I can no longer “Stay Pumped”

    Yes, why couldn't Ford control 100 suppliers of a thousand parts when no one could travel and shipping of every material is screwed up? Why can't they predict to the minute when the dealer will have it ready for me? I WANT TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER!!!!
  7. Windshield Down!

    Have y'all not been in RZR or the like? I had one and being blasted in the face non stop with wind sort of sucked. Requires goggles instead of sunglasses. I put a wind screen in and really enjoy the ride much better. Sure it doesn't matter when you are barely moving, but that is just a small...
  8. FJ, Bronco or Range Rover?

    Well people love them so I think you would too. I would really not get a bronco for on road use as the top noise is going to be a pain. Do you like talking on the phone while driving? My Velar is the only vehicle I can do so while actually hearing the person. My dealer is currently 2 hours away...
  9. FJ, Bronco or Range Rover?

    Which range rover? I was hoping one would be more off road capable and nicer on the road. After breaking a tire and bending a wheel in Death Valley, and getting stuck in an inch of mud hidden under dry grass, I do not have any faith at all in it off road. (Velar) However, I sure like driving it...
  10. Sound meter measured: 2021 Bronco interior noise decibels @ 50mph and 70mph (soft and hard top)

    Y'all don't have 80 mph speed limits? Thanks for the work.
  11. Auto carrier train derailment in Utah - hope no Broncos onboard

    I remember when the Raptor was released they had some code that you could track your actual rail car. Sorry I don't remember how.
  12. Our Turn! VB WildTrak

    Is the dash as bright in person as it looks in photos?
  13. Grumblings from the Land Rover "Defender" community, they want a Bronco

    The serious hard core people want solid axles or twenty year old rigs so they can weld crazy axles on them. The true facts are that it's 8 hours to the trail, and 95% of the off road portion a subaru could do. Always exceptions of course. The interior color in the bronco is horrible and if they...
  14. This should be on every Bronco owner’s bucket list!

    Why would you rent a jeep? The Bronco can handle it. I've done almost all but Black Bear in a Raptor with KO2's.
  15. Need Rear Locker if not off-roading?

    I've rarely used mine in the Raptor. Most often on a boat ramp. But honestly in those situations you can just brake and it will get both wheels moving.
  16. POLL: Will you wait for the MY23 now?

    I'm going to drive one of the dealer units and see how it is on the highway. If it sucks I'll move on, if it's bearable for an 8 hour drive to a trail I'll just keep waiting.
  17. Bronco vs. F-150 Raptor

    Even in death valley I've scraped the belly of the Raptor and been on one tight turn where the nose was pressed against the cliff and the rear tire was hanging almost over the edge. So if you want an '11 with a 6.2 it's for sale.
  18. What's the issue with Webasto exactly? (ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS)

    Didn't last year somebody took a picture of the factory and it was a grass field? Did it get built? Do they have the machines? Are they running?
  19. Pros and cons of factory hitch vs. aftermarket?

    By time you've called a few places, go there and drop it off, get a ride home, and go back, have you really saved any money?
  20. Compared to a Defender - some general thoughts and concerns.

    I drove a two door defender. My build is about 10k more than my bronco build. I love all the exterior colors of the defender, and the interior is worlds better. I'm dreading the tan dash in the wildtrack, plus the off color interior trim. My main fear is wind noise. I often drive all day to get...