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  1. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Some more pics of mine here.
  2. Area 51 Black Diamond With 1″ Level Kit and 33″ 285/70/R17 KO2 on Steelies

    Thanks For posting. Was thinking about that exact tire model/size on my truck, which looks otherwise identical to yours. Looks as good as I’d hoped.
  3. Maine Sunrise in an A51 Black Diamond

    Beautiful but cold November morning in Southern Maine.
  4. To Undercoat or Not?

    It also helps to store your car somewhere cold in the winter. Putting your car in a heated garage is about the worst thing you can do for it once the roads are salted. At least, as far as rust is concerned. Lots of Mainers on this thread, myself included. I have good success keeping my...
  5. Turn Off Honk When Key is Outside the Vehicle - Solved via Forscan

    Are any of you guys doing this with Forscan Lite on Android or IOS? I don’t own a windows laptop, and would like to kill the awful double honk. I have young kids. They’re always forgetting something that I have to run back inside for after we’re all buckled up and ready to roll.
  6. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    what’s the little black box on the top of the windshield frame? Looks kind of like a GPS receiver…
  7. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    A 92 Sunburst? Wow. Hold onto that one forever. Big Miata fan here. I’ve had a dozen of them over the years. I’ll keep buying them as long as Mazda keeps making them.
  8. Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    I completely understand and support that rationale. I’m fortunate to have other cars that are manual, so it made my compromise easier. But if I didn’t have the other cars, I’d have done exactly what you did.
  9. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Need to get out for an actual shoot, but here are some quick phone snaps of my newly arrived Black Diamond.
  10. Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    i had the same dilemma. I ordered my BD with a 7mt but really wanted mid package for comfort. I didn’t want a Badlands…the off-road kit is more extreme than my use case for the truck. Plus, I just like the BD better from a looks perspective. The steelies are perfect. So is the grille and classic...
  11. projectrally

    New England Broncos

    Picked mine up on Friday morning. Took the family for a road trip on Saturday. Didn’t get off road, but still had a great drive. We used the 110 plug in the back seat (mid-package) to plug in an electric blanket to throw over my daughters so we could cruise with the top down.
  12. projectrally

    New England Broncos

    @Inrustwetrust_ I feel your pain. Mine made it to the depot in Boston as of last Thursday at 8AM, but it's been sitting waiting for a truck to bring it to Maine. It's been two hours away for a week, which is driving me crazy. But at least I got the production line photo from Ford yesterday...
  13. projectrally

    New England Broncos

    Looks great! Congrats. Mine has been sitting at transfer site in Boston since last Thursday morning! Just needs a few more vehicles to show up so they can take a whole truck to Maine.
  14. What option is the single best value for the money?

    Mid Package. Hands down. Adds a lot of things for a little bit of money.
  15. projectrally

    New England Broncos

    @jdrouin Okay, 11 days to ship to Maine. I got my "Shipped" notification on Oct 21st. The estimated delivery date is Sunday, Oct 31st. Sounds like that's right in line with your delivery window. Hopefully I can take delivery early next week!
  16. MIC top fix idea ? Rubber edging material

    Ahem. Duct tape fixes everything. Except for trust.
  17. projectrally

    New England Broncos

    Should get mine next week in SoPo!
  18. Updated: Resolved!! So, my bronco arrived and the dealer tried marking it up $10K ADM

    My dealer tried this with me. My Bronco is supposed to get delivered this week, and I'm in Israel for work, so I wanted to try to wrap up the deal before it came. I go in, and he's trying to show me how Ford's making them charge over MSRP. Fortunately, I knew better. I also had the good...
  19. projectrally

    New England Broncos

    Nonsquatched Badlands just looks right. Congrats.