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  1. Oil/tranny temp ranges

    Yep, had it less than a week but mine are the same also. I'm driving in much cooler temps (30-60 F) so makes no difference.
  2. Ford Accessories site is a nightmare

    It's the same if you order through Ruxer or Lasco or any of the official parts suppliers. It is not their fault but supply is limited and Ford is terrible at updating the dealers on stock status and timeframes. I waited for 10 weeks for an accessory before finally cancelling and going direct...
  3. Hey Southwest, anybody got a positive review for a dealership with NO MARKUPS for their Bronco?

    Corwin Ford in Reno, NV. Picked mine up yesterday 11/19/21. Best and easiest experience I have ever had buying a new car. In and out in around an hour and that included trade-in negotiations. Matched the offer I had from Carmax and actually got more than I originally paid for the car...
  4. 🛠 10/18/21 Build Week Group

    Delivered to the dealer 6 days early. Picked up yesterday finally from a 10/18 blend. Worth the wait!
  5. 35s on Non-Sasquatch Badlands

    He is getting alot of that because it is a BL. Other trims you are missing out on more of those things. Biggest benefit (and the most costly and time consuming to do) is the 4.7 gearing.
  6. Tracking is not that hard! About to give up!

    Your dealer has access to every update in the Ford system. If they say otherwise they are lying to you. I was shown at my dealer the printout labeled "Full History" for my VIN. It has everything that has happened to your Bronco since it was submitted as an order (reservation date is not on...
  7. The start of a much larger problem? Multiple warning lights and flashing gauge cluster

    Geez. The list of issues is increasing. From the funny and annoying wrong seats being installed to the catastrophic engines grenading to the now deadly serious brake failures. We need one of these google docs experts around here to get a spreadsheet going so we can track what is going wrong...
  8. 🛠 10/18/21 Build Week Group

    It is strange. The only time my changes is when an event happens. I've checked obsessively like many others and it hadn't changed since it was loaded on the train. Finally arrived at the end of the line yesterday and was moved to truck transport for the 4-5 hr. haul to the dealer and the date...
  9. Bestop Trektop Soft Top now available

    Not available or in stock until the end of November according to Bestop customer service as of just now.
  10. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    It is ironic because you had the money to buy a very unpractical vehicle that is for fun and enjoyment. In fact it is vehicle #6. Unless you have 6 drivers in the household or you had the foresight to order, purchase, and resell for the sole purpose of profit it is ironic. It is ironic on...
  11. Am I wrong?

    Not really difficult. You wanted a Bronco, that's why you ordered it so keep it. Will you still want a Bronco and reorder after you sell it? Than don't sell it, keep it. Prices are not going down and you will pay more for a future Bronco even at MSRP. How much more? Who knows, but then...
  12. 🛠 10/18/21 Build Week Group

    Dealer. Varies dealer to dealer whether they will hand over that information. I did not ask for the rail car number, just stumbled upon it accidentally. I actually just stopped by my dealer to check in and said to them that I got my built and shipped emails and asked what the next steps would...
  13. 🛠 10/18/21 Build Week Group

    My production pick finally showed up. Now I'm obsessively tracking the rail car.
  14. The Dog Thread 🐾

    I'm telling you same dog lol
  15. Here are the Bronco Build & Tracking links

    Ah damn. Forgot about those 200 miles!
  16. Musings After 1 Week

    Finally got to test drive a 2.3 with the automatic yesterday to see if my decision to go with the 2.7 was justified. The very first thing I thought of is that it sounds and feels like a rental Nissan sedan. I guess the power was adequate but this was not on 35's either. That being said it was...
  17. Here are the Bronco Build & Tracking links

    The CSX works great! Thanks for the info. Only thing I can add is that the car initials may be more than two letters. The rail car mine is on has 4 letters followed by the number. Once I figured that out it tracks perfectly. Just get the rail car info from your dealer and you are in...
  18. 2.7 Oil Change: Took 6 Quarts Not 7

    So the argument is that no oil remains in the engine when the oil is drained and the filter is changed. Not many of the many (actually none) different types of engines I have owned have ever spitted out the maximum oil capacity during a change. Is not possible that indeed 7 qts. was added to...
  19. Ford Power-Up Software Update 1.7.1 - Contents

    How sweet would it be if you could customize the instrument cluster like the face of an apple watch or something. Retro digital dials. Any combination of gauges you choose. Should be beyond easy to implement these days.