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  1. Rock Rails, Side Steps, and Sliders.

    These are nice by GOAT Fabrication. True frame mount sliders.
  2. No wonder it's loud - yuuuge gaps in the clam shell seals!

    First the MOD Top delays, now the MIC Top disasters, this is why I’ve changed my order twice and now am going with the soft top. 😡 Hopefully @Ford Motor Company will get it right by the time the MOD Top comes out.
  3. Rock Sliders by Goat Fabrication

    Very nice design.
  4. Wildtrak delivered!

    Congrats, nice looking Bronco.
  5. Took delivery today!

  6. Hardtop design flaw with window strut

    That would add 2 or 3 lbs, c'mon, we can't have that! 😆
  7. Hardtop design flaw with window strut

    Seeing this was the last straw for me. First I canceled the MOD Top on my Wildtrak for the MIC Top, tired of waiting for '23, today I canceled the Piece of Sh!t MIC Top for the Soft Top. Guess I will see what the MOD Top looks like in '23 and if it's a POS too. There's always going to be...
  8. Engines at Altitude

    All I know is when I go back to Wichita Kansas (1000 ft) to visit family, my diesel Touareg gets about 1 to 2 mpg better fuel economy than in Colorado (6500 ft).
  9. Engines at Altitude

    Definitely effects your fuel economy. Altitude (feet) Altitude (meters) Effective Oxygen % Altitude Category Example 0 ft 0 m 20.9 % Low Altitude Sea Level 1000 ft 305 m 20.1 % Low Altitude 2000 ft 610 m 19.4 % Low Altitude 3000 ft 914 m 18.6 % Moderate Altitude...
  10. Thoughts on our 2-Door Base after 3 Months

    Nice to see a fellow cigar smoker. Thanks for posting the video.
  11. Custom vanity license plate for your Bronco?

    WLDTRAK was my second choice in Colorado, I was able to get my first choice, SASQUCH. Still waiting on my Bronco, so I have it on my Wrangler now.
  12. Sasq Mudflaps... ugly but work...

    Those look great, sometimes simple is the best.
  13. Lot of Broncos in Florida and it hurts

    We have 3 of them in Parker Colorado, one is even a 2 door SAS Badlands with the MIC top. Still waiting on mine.
  14. A51 messing with my brain...and eyes!

    Darker is definitely better in my opinion. @Ford Motor Company
  15. Relocate license plate frame for $4.00

    Looks good, glad to see I'm not the only one who makes their own parts for mods.