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  1. Anyone gone through a car wash yet?

    I took my Sasquatch Soft Top through the car wash today. No issues or leaks. Nice and clean after. As mentioned before, I have been doing that with my Wrangler soft top for years with no issues. My only hesitation was the Sasquatch wheels. I had been off roading today so thought see if it...
  2. It climbs everything!

    It’s definitely a worthy trip. I used to ride ATVs there years ago. We were driving from south east MI to Traverse City and stopped in. It’s a destination of its own. Way more interesting than Silver Lake as this has two track, bowls, and more. I also hit some trail in TC. Also awesome. I was...
  3. It climbs everything!

    Not there, no. I did use 1 pedal in other trails. Worked great!
  4. It climbs everything!

    I took Bucky to an ORV area in norther Michigan today (St Helen’s scramble area). Crazy sand and ruts, with hills. It climbed absolutely everything with fully aired up tires. No problem. It was awesome!
  5. headrest question

    Tried this... It leaves a big gap between head and rest. It's so far back that its like not having one.
  6. headrest question

    Is there a way to after market a single driver headrest? Might something else fit?
  7. SHADOW BLACK Bronco Club

    Sweet black Basesquatch.
  8. Anyone gone through a car wash yet?

    I’ve taken my Jeep soft top through car washes many times - rubicon wheels and all. I never had an issue. I would do it with the Bronco but am more concerned about the big Sasquatch wheels fitting in the tracks. I will likely do it after I see other large wheeled vehicles go through.
  9. Error when driving with only 2 bead locks

    No, didn’t remove the spare. Just the bead locks / beauty rings.
  10. Error when driving with only 2 bead locks

    I took it to the dealer to check it out. They saw a code for the sensor on one of the non bead lock wheels. They though it might have been a loose sensor connection, but didn’t find it… I didn’t mention the bead lock being off. They found some dirt in the sensor they thought could have been...
  11. Error when driving with only 2 bead locks

    Not that I noticed.
  12. Chrome delete?

    thanks…. The bead locks are actually just plasti dipped (just in case I wanted to revert). Thanks for the link to the painted door handles and mirrors. I will consider it. Again, plasti dip. Didn’t even take it off. Really simple to slide masking tape under the logo edges, then protect with...
  13. Base Model Bronco Thread

    I considered getting it powder coated, or even just rattle-can painting it, but I wasn’t sure I was fully committed. :) I did it with plasti dip so I could uncommit if I didn’t like It - that stuff can be peeled off if you’re persistent. Some folks have done rims and had them last years, even...
  14. Chrome delete?

    Black out progressing…. Blackened bead locks, blacked out Ford logo, rock rails… window and light tint pending.
  15. Base Model Bronco Thread

    My base Sasquatch evolving…. blackened Beal locks, blacked out Ford logo, rock rails added…
  16. Error when driving with only 2 bead locks

    Yeah, that was the intent. I did all 4 at once, but wasn’t able to get them all reinstalled before I had to drive somewhere.
  17. Error when driving with only 2 bead locks

    I will have the dealer check it out…. Any auto engineers or techs on here with experience here?