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  1. Grip Pads for Dashboard

    Got these on Amazon. Fit pretty well on the dash to put sunglasseses, ect. Very grippy.
  2. Race Red 2 Door Badlands with MIC top

    Saw these on FB:
  3. Shadow Black 2 Door with MIC Top?

    Opinions on shadow black with MIC gray top? I wanted MOD top but when I look at this at least the MIC will match the grill and wheel rings on Badlands 33" optional wheels. (These pics show Sas wheels). I am thinking it looks better than I thought it would since I was focused on all one color...
  4. 2 Door Soft Top Design Different Than 4 Door?

    It looks like the 2 door door soft top does not have the side lifting brackets like the 4 door. This could be a very cool design. Coming from using the Jeep soft tops, one issue with the Bronco 4 door soft top is when the top is all the way folded down it is hard to see over it when looking thru...
  5. 2 Door Sasquatch Picture Thread (no CGI)

    Please add pictures of real 2 door Sasquatch Broncos (no CGI please). All trim levels and colors welcome. Here is one to start:
  6. Badlands MT with 33s swap to 35s?

    I am sure this has been asked but I could not find it anywhere. If I order a Badlands manual transmission with 33s and have the dealer switch to 35s what will I miss out on? Will this be the same as what Ford is going to now offer which has delayed timing?
  7. Videos of Badlands on 33's?

    It's hard to keep track of everything.....please post links to any videos on 33's (standard configuration). Thanks.
  8. GY Wranglers vs KO2 vs Duratrac vs KM2

    I am looking at the tread patterns of the GY wranglers vs KO2 vs Duratrac vs KM2. The GY wranglers they are going us treads look more like KO2 or Duratrac‘s vs KM2 which looks like a true mud tire. I have had KO2, Duratrac and KM2 on my jeeps and really prefer KO2/Duratrac. KM2s are very loud...
  9. Picture of “17 inch Black Hi-Gloss Aluminum” Wheel?

    This wheel is shown as available for the Badlands and BD. Does anyone have a pic of this wheel they can post?