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  1. Ford Ranger Splash is back, will the Bronco get the limited-run colors as well?

    Anyone else notice that the Splash is using the same wheels as the Bronco Outer Banks but without the machined finish? IMO they look so much better. Wish the OB came with these instead.
  2. Soft top rubbing and wearing paint on Bronco roll bar [updated with TSB Fix]

    I got to check out a two door the other day. When sitting in the back seat, if I sit straight up, like I am going to rest my head on the head rest, my head would also hit the roll bar too. A little cushion would be nice there too.
  3. Soft top rubbing and wearing paint on Bronco roll bar [updated with TSB Fix]

    Don’t jeeps have cushions that go around the roll bars? Seems like that would have solved this problem
  4. New pics of my 2021 Bronco Badlands with 35’s!! [Videos Added]

    Ford should sign a contract with fifteen52 and RTR to supply wheels as a factory option. Both of these wheels drastically improve the looks of the bronco IMO.
  5. How Bronco Badlands (Race Red) Looks With a Painted Grille

    It’s definitely not for me, but now I am curious if this would look good with a white bronco?
  6. 2021 Bronco Outer Banks gets RTR wheels - pics & specs

    Funny how simply changing the wheels and tires not only makes the outer banks a much better looking bronco, it also makes the body colored fender flares look good too.
  7. Ultimate Big Bend Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Do you have more pics of this one? I really wanted to see the how the triple carb gray looks (wheels, paint, grille) together.
  8. Photos: Outer Banks Navy Cloth Interior

    I’ve seen a few threads asking about this interior and the best pics we have seen have been under harsh factory lights. I came across these pics on a bronco Facebook group today and they should give you a better idea of what it will look like.

    Another wonderful job by those rockstars at ford😆😆😆. I don’t know which ones they actually are, but both of them are current wheels on the ranger (STX and black appearance package). the all black wheels really make the outer banks in the picture look much better.
  10. MY22 changes based on Jun 25 Ford FAQ- OBX interior?

    Here are some pics of the navy cloth interior. These are in bright factory lights so I’m sure they look much better in person. I think it looks pretty good, especially the different stitching used. If I were getting a white, iconic silver, or carb gray exterior color, I’d probably get the blue...
  11. 🙌🏼 Update: My 2021 Bronco is Delivered and Home!!

    Is your dash gray? Maybe it’s just the suns reflection making it look gray?
  12. Cactus Green Looking Too Minty

    this is what I see every time I see it 😆😆😆. it’s not that green of course, but still too much for me to like it. Hoping cactus gray is a one and done color and they bring out something like these instead:
  13. First time seeing 2dr Big Bend Bronco in person

    I’d really like to see this exact combo with the stock wheels. I’m haven’t been a huge fan of the stock big bend wheels I’ve seen in other pictures, but the carb gray paint with the carb gray grille looks pretty good. Wonder if this combo would make the carb gray big bend wheels look better too?
  14. 🎥: New 2021 Bronco Commercial Video Draws on History

    It’s probably carb gray with a filter in the video, but this seems to be a good representation of what lead foot gray would look like on the bronco.
  15. Flare theft deterrence

    Dealers are going to love this. Now they will etch your window and flares with the VIN and charge you extra for it 😆
  16. Ford should of not made so many bronco models

    I like a stock look so I prefer manufacturer wheels over aftermarket. Ford really makes it hard to like some of the trims with their wheel selection. I’d really like to see all the optional wheels offered on all trims. A Big Bend with the optional badlands wheels would be right up my alley.
  17. 2-Door Manual Base Bronco seen at MAP + Other 2-Doors and 4-Doors

    This is probably the worst 2 door pic I have seen. Something just doesn’t look right.
  18. New Improved Brush Guard / Bull Bar Design and Location on Race Red Bronco Badlands!

    I thought it looked good before. Never understood why it was such a problem. It’s not like you had to read the grille to know what kind of vehicle it was. Now this just doesn’t look right.
  19. Bronco v. Bronco sport

    In my opinion, the sport actually looked better with a “Ford” grille. I believe it would have sold just as well if it was called Maverick/Scout/Escape. I think ford shot themselves in the foot by calling it a bronco. Maybe it helps in the short term with a few added sales, but now they have to...