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  1. Twitter exchange ongoing with @mrlevine

    I mean the car company that owns and operates all of it's company owned showrooms and their own service centers. (Which was what my original comment addressed). Stay on topic.
  2. Reservation vs. Order

    If the July reservation was not converted to an order then just convert it to an order when the ordering system opens up in 4Q.
  3. Reservation vs. Order

    But if you put an order in under the July reservation, the July reservation->order will arrive before the September order.
  4. Oklahoma dealers at or below msrp

    Ford has already said they are not doing anything in this - it's between you and your dealer and get the deal in writing in advance.
  5. How to not get burned by your dealer

    I'm saving over $4,000 off MSRP by purchasing from Granger with their below invoice pricing.
  6. JWBroncoATL

    Georgia Bronco

    I camped up there years ago! Super cool. It was so cold my dog’s water bowl froze solid.
  7. Switching MY22 Order to Granger Ford from Long-Lewis in Prattville, Alabama

    If Ford was doing FIFO that would be true. But they are not.
  8. Mud flaps/ Splash guards for Outerbanks

    Serious question. If the OBX has SAS and Advanced 4x4 w/ 4.7 Rear Locking Diff how would it be less capable that any other Bronco (w/o the sway bar disconnect)?
  9. JWBroncoATL

    Georgia Bronco

    @aford22 Great insights! I just looked up Koch-Chemie and their HQ is 3 miles from my house! That's crazy. Do you know when their grand opening will be by chance? I think I would do a training course on ceramic with them and do a DIY.
  10. Switching MY22 Order to Granger Ford from Long-Lewis in Prattville, Alabama

    Can't beat the Granger price! Tell your dealer to match them and if they won't cancel your order with the dealer and put in a new order with Granger. There will not be any difference in timing of receipt on a 9/1/21 order as the MY2022 order banks are not even opened yet.
  11. JWBroncoATL

    Georgia Bronco

    Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings for the Bronco should cost about: $850 for Exo (2-Year Lifespan) $1000 for Crystal Serum Light (5-Year Lifespan) $1300 for Crystal Serum Ultra (9-Year Lifespan) Aside from the jump in lifespan, each step up in product gives about a 20% increase in performance as...
  12. 2022 Model Year Bronco Order Primer

    @[email protected] This paragraph in the FAQ write up you pulled together makes it seem like ANY pending order has price protection for 2022. Is this now the case? Or is it still limited to orders placed before March XX, 2021? (can't remember the date because I was after). Just clarifying.
  13. JWBroncoATL

    Georgia Bronco

    No one will know until Ford releases the B&O and the Build documentation to dealers which have not happened yet.
  14. Help w/ Measurement on OBX Sasquatch

    Hey guys, looking for someone with an Outer Banks Sasquatch Bronco to snap a quick measurement for me! The picture shows the measurement. Curious if the Yakima EXO Foundation with Gear Warrior Basket will fit:
  15. JWBroncoATL

    Georgia Bronco

    @bloominguez Not sure. I was primarily there to check leg room! :)
  16. JWBroncoATL

    Georgia Bronco

    @Bdockins Not sure, just give them a ring
  17. JWBroncoATL

    Georgia Bronco

    @NoleDawg Yes, you can get in and crawl all in it. I took my wife and kids up to do just that and test out the leg room in the back! :)
  18. JWBroncoATL

    Georgia Bronco

    Billy Howell Ford in Cumming has a 2 Door Mannequin in their showroom, but they are not allowing test drives. I think they are doing something where you can rent it for $200 for the day.