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  1. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    I'm guessing it's still top issues.. I just noticed yesterday my top has some delaminating going on with the back half of the top. Other then that 700 miles on it and I love it.
  2. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    For what you pay there stuff is alright. They have never been a premium brand. I've used tons of there stuff in the past. I like it, its kinda like the old cactus smashers in the eb's. Not a fan of the bumper though.
  3. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    100% honest I didn't even try. Didn't notice till it just slowed for no reason so I looked down expecting a warning light or something. So I googled it and someone else said the same thing.
  4. Ditch Navy Pier!!!

    Damn man.. why you hating on 70s bucks.
  5. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    Sooo... framing my window sticker dumb or not? Also these things are governed to 101 mph?! Wtf ford 🤣
  6. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    True. I've yet to load mine yet but the drive with it empty sucked. Can definitely tell how soft the suspension is. Great for offroading, shit for towing but definitely a sacrifice I'm willing to make.
  7. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    Correct. they cover the bolts for the loops.
  8. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    You could but that would put it way out there. I don't think the added leverage would do you any favors. And putting a locking pin in is kind of a pain as well. Not a lot of room in there.
  9. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    So stopped at the dealer he said the little cover things are 4 days out. No worries. FYI If you plan to tow a trailer your going to need at least a 6inch drop hitch or the damn tire blocks the latch...
  10. Body color inserts on 4-door?

    They said that the 4 doors have body color door inserts is a error.. which it is.
  11. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    Yes for the tie-down points I'll be stopping at the dealer later I didn't find that until late last night. Hes anyone mentioned how useless the rear wiper is yet?? Holy tiny!
  12. Body color inserts on 4-door?

    All badlands are orange and all FE are grey regardless off vehicle color
  13. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    Well I put mine on the lift bottom looks good. went all around everything is tight... but I did find these clips improperly installed and the little tabs busted off...
  14. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    Still thats a little disheartening.
  15. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    Wow really? Guess I got work to do! Your always so informative! Thanks again for all you help and insight in this thread.
  16. Body color inserts on 4-door?

    Thats a total shame you can't choose the accent color and it's based on model.
  17. Body color inserts on 4-door?

    Nope that's 2 doors only.. sorry 4 doors aren't cool enough...
  18. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    Agreed ALOT of people aren't so lucky.
  19. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    Everything! I poked all around mine and she was good. The gap on the tailgate handle side I guess has been a issue the trim gets wonky. Other then that I'm not sure.
  20. Sasquatch Suspension Flex Test: 2 Door Bronco (RTI – Ramp Travel Index)

    One of my buddies had one back in the day mostly Toyota parts but that things was breastmode. I kick myself when I think of how many early broncos I trashed when I should of just been wheeling Yodas zuks or something else.