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  1. Here she is, my 2dr Badlands!

    Congratulations, she's a beauty eh!
  2. Bronco popularity is showing

    HA, totally get that! Teenage kids ......
  3. Nevermind the Bags of Cash All Over the Road, Check Out the Badlands Bronco! 💰

    I just posted about this, I think it is so cool that the new BRONCO is starting to show up in the news and in everyday life.
  4. Bronco popularity is showing

    So I'm watching a TikTok video of an Armored Car who's doors flew open and spilled cash all over the Highway. There is a 4DR BRONCO, doors and top off, that appears in the video. At the end the person who posted the video drives off in the BRONCO laughing. A fun post. I just think it's really...
  5. Bronco Flag is in next package from Ten10

    Am I the only one that gets angry when people thank me for being patient and I am anything but?
  6. Bronco Flag is in next package from Ten10

    Put it on eBay sell it to one of the folks who paid Big markup for their BRONCO on the resale market.
  7. Red Knob...What Is It For?

    It looks like maybe a drain port for possibly the radiator or airbox. Idk. Yes, I turned it lol (I'm that guy..) but thankfully nothing came out. Of course you turned it but did you do it real WTF slow or did you go for it! lol [/QUOTE
  8. Unscheduled Day 1 & 2 Reservations

    I am a day 1 reservation and have virtually the same build as yours except I added SAS after I had to reorder MY22. Shortly after reordering MY22 I received a confirmation of my order as well as a build date that unfortunately has already been pushed back 1 week. Don't know your dealer...
  9. SelfSquatch Complete w/ 35x12.5R17 Toyo MT + 1" Rough Country Level Lift (added more pics)

    OMG! That should be illegal it's like Broncoporn! Are those stock rock rails, orange tow hooks, and fog lights? Thanks, love that BRONCO!
  10. Debadging Question

    Seriously. I believe in you on this. I don't even know you and I'm convinced you can handle this. Come on man, we believe in you, we are here for and we are rooting for you! Just let us know how it goes because many of us are curious and don't want to destroy our new BRONCOs either! lol ;)
  11. Panda Motorworks BPV Delete Kit for 2.7L!

    I love that animal/insect hanging on for the ride! lol
  12. New Guys on the forum / Need for mental health

    Looks like you picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue! lol
  13. Tracking is not that hard! About to give up!

    It would be nice if Ford provided some type of tracking updates. Surely, somewhere Ford has a list of all the Reservations broken down into models, options, and accessories, reservation, order, built and shipped dates! FORD, would never want that information out in public. I think we have a...
  14. Thinking of Selling

    Any suggestions for determining a good price point? MSRP was $51,875. Don't want to take a loss and know they are going over MSRP right now. Currently has about 2900 miles. Sorry to hear about this. Have you checked State Lemon Laws? I'm not a big lawyer up person but given that the engine...
  15. Bronco Build Process Guide! - Window Sticker, Blend Date, Production Rotation Number, Built & Shipped Emails, Delivery Date Estimates & More

    Ok, this post is meant to give a thorough understanding of how the build process works and what all these terms mean, for those of you asking. First thing you have to understand, this is not like ordering something off Amazon. There are tools and trackers, but they are often way off on their...
  16. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Reading through these recent posts it seems like the build date changes are systematic. By that I mean production seems to be getting pushed out for for reasons like finishing up MY21 production or trying to get FE's built rather than specific features like LUX, Tow or MT. No particular...
  17. Air Design SEMA Bronco Build spotted in SD (white roof, white fender flares, white wheels, white grilles, white bumpers)

    Love the fact that the owner is rocking a retro style!. They are doing them, I appreciate that!
  18. Bronco Flag is in next package from Ten10

    How long before we see a White one with Black print for those giving up? lol