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  1. A better sasquatch sticker for alaska friends

    And another Colorado Sasquatch. This is about 5 inches and $5 at Scheels.
  2. Levine confirms 2021 Model Year reservations will be built BEFORE dealer stock

    dealers will be allocated a Bronco or two for demo purposes.
  3. X-plan Petition on

    Separate from the holdback Ford gives a commission to dealers for vehicles sold under the AXZD plan. This is to help compensate dealers for selling a vehicle at the lower plan price.
  4. Searching for a unicorn - 2021 F150 in antimatter

    I don’t think the 2021 F150’s have started production yet so you aren’t going to see any on dealer lots.
  5. First Edition - 3,500 reserved but where are the other 3,500 going?

    After all 3,500 FE were sold out Ford announced that the FE production was increased to 7,000. However, FE never opened back up for reservations. Where are these other 3,500 going? To dealers for stock? Certainly not to the public.
  6. First Edition Bronco reservation on eBay for $15K

    No previous sales that I see so it is likely a lie to bolster his ad. According to completed eBay sales the only previous Bronco reservations is the guy trying to sell his spot for $5K. It goes unsold and he just keep relisting it.
  7. First Edition Bronco reservation on eBay for $15K

    Ok, which one of you is responsible for this eBay ad?
  8. Let's Be Honest About Our Intended Use

    I might drive over a few parking lot stops or curbs every now and then, just because I can.
  9. 2021 or 2022 Bronco Model Year?

    Many years ago it used to be true that all new models were released around September but that is no longer true. New models can be released at any time.
  10. Are dealers obligated to offer X-Plan?

    @VictoryLights It is optional for dealers to participate In the plan sale. If the dealer sells at X-Plan they will be paid a commission by Ford Motor Company. A dealer may elect to not sell at X-Plan primarily when it is a sale out of stock on a unit that they would otherwise have no problem...
  11. Granger Ford - X-plan price Admin Fee clarification

    By the way, thank you for all the work on the spreadsheet. It is appreciated and useful. Thanks for sharing the X-Plan example. It only confirms what I have been saying all along. The example’s calculated X-Plan price of $39,036.20 is exactly dealer invoice less .4% PLUS $275. Your spreadsheet...
  12. Granger Ford - X-plan price Admin Fee clarification

    I have a reservation on order and am looking forward to being able to drive it. You are correct that I am relatively new to the forum but being a long time member does not make anyone more “experienced” with all of the answers. Currently, and unless Ford decides to change the X-Plan pricing...
  13. Granger Ford - X-plan price Admin Fee clarification

    For the Broncos you are incorrect as the X-Plan price is going to be above invoice. Example - $50,000 dealer invoice less .4% or $200 plus $275 is $50,075 X-Plan price. It isn’t significantly above invoice but my original post stated slightly above and that is correct. Only when you get to an...
  14. Granger Ford - X-plan price Admin Fee clarification

    @theguda X-Plan is not a discount off of a negotiated price. It is a price set by Ford Motor Company and is slightly above dealer invoice. The X-Plan price already includes the $275. Because Granger is selling at a price below invoice, and below X-Plan, there is no need for X-Plan at Granger.
  15. Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    Wanted to share a picture I took last year in England. It is a Ford Ranger “Wildtrak”. 3.2 liter 6 speed. Bronco isn’t the first to have a Wildtrak!
  16. Cash Vs Bank

    True but after that first year there may be few Broncos on the dealership’s lots because the factory is likely going to still be filling reservation orders. Therefore, the demand may be high helping to increase the resale value even more. This is assuming one would want to sell after a year.
  17. Granger Ford - terminology for non car people

    I don’t mean to be a pain. The good news is that the X-Plan price is clearly stated on the invoice so it is transparent to all buyers. The calculation for an X-Plan price has been previously posted here which is dealer invoice less .4% of invoice plus $275 so the customer is paying that admin...
  18. Granger Ford - terminology for non car people

    To be clear, the $275 isn’t a fee you are going to see on the contract. The X-Plan price (and A/Z Plan price for the matter) is clearly stated on the dealer invoice. That $275 admin fee is already Included in the printed X-Plan price.