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  1. MIC Top 1.0 inside construction & material (cross section) - pics

    Anyone come across a Jeep Wrangler hard top that has been cut open or damaged? I would like to see what foam fibers or sound deadening material that Jeep has used to insulate their hard tops. Not sure how they have been holding up over the years either? I found a couple of photos of someone...
  2. Color Matched Hardtop vs Stock Carbonized Gray

    I plan to do the same thing to my 2022 CG 4D 2.7 Sasquatch Wildtrack. By the time mine arrives there may possibly be a painted black hard top option. I am not sure if the gloss black will be better looking than MIC gray color. Gloss white vinyl would be a great inexpensive choice IMO and be...
  3. Room underhood of 2.7L for dual batteries and/or an ARB compressor?

    I wish Ford would offer a factory mounted ARB air compressor and some legit frame mounted running boards / rock sliders instead of the body mounted ones as accessories. They are pushing a WARN winch so it's not a stretch to ask for?
  4. Room underhood of 2.7L for dual batteries and/or an ARB compressor?

    This ARB tiwn air compressor is in a Badlands. Not sure if anyone can tell if we are looking at a 4 or 6?
  5. 2.7L Engine Cover?

    I like it jvece121 It's definitely an option and place for people to start. I don't think most people care about how the engine bay looks since they never open the hood. Just curious if the cover helps with sound deadening? Does that cover have any sound deadening material on the underside...
  6. Everglades Edition Bronco will feature factory winch & snorkel. Available summer of 2022 in limited quantity

    Here is a teaser of the seats that will come standard on the EVERGLADES SPECIAL EDITION! Real Alligator Skin :sick:
  7. 🙌 MIC Top 2.0 equipped Bronco delivered from Dirt Mountain!

    Congrats man. I am so jealous the thing looks amazing with the Hard top completely removed. 1. What date did you place your actual order? 2. Does your window sticker say yours is a 2021? 3. What are the visible differences of the MIC 2.0? 4. Is that Bronco decal over your gas cap your...

    Thoughts on a Desert Tan color? I think if Ford offered the Bronco in a light tan I might be down to changing from Cactus Gray.
  9. 2023 Bronco Raptor beside 2021 Sasquatch (This thing is huge!)

    Give it a year and there will be plenty of wider flares and safe tunes available for the 2.7 that will be pushing 400HP and 500TQ. Guys can build their own Worthog or Raptor version with some extra lift and 37" aggressive tires for much less than FORD will charge without the wait. Look how far...