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  1. Delivery Date Problems

    In a similar boat. I can extend my lease with Toyota up to six months, but I don’t think six months will be enough. I really don’t want to buy the car, just to turn around and trade it in a short period later. So I’m on the quest for a junker...just to have for emergency purposes.
  2. Antimatter Blue - 3D demo of color shifting / flip flopping on Bronco body

    What a great video! I actually really, really like AMB after seeing this.
  3. Show of hands. Who’s going Mansquatch or not? Vote in poll

    Considering it from a price standpoint only really. I’m getting a 2-Door, and I’m still not convinced that 35” tires are a better decision for me than 33” tires since I’m no off-roader at all. My decision all along was the trade-off between looking cool (basesquatch with 2.7L) and having all of...
  4. Manual Sasquatch or Auto Sasquatch?

    I’m not an off-reader AT ALL. I’m still thinking 33” tires is a better choice for me. And I still wish there was a Sasquatch Light package where you get the suspension goodies without the tires and rims. I voted for 2.7L Sasquatch, as that is what I had myself considering prior to today‘s...
  5. Have a name / nickname for your Bronco?

    I’m not sure how to vote. I don’t name my cars, but I have named each of the last two cars my girl has had.
  6. Planning for unpredictable fulfillment and expiring lease

    My lease expires in November 2020. I called Toyota Financial Services to find out what my options were, and it couldn’t have been any easier. They offered for me to go month-to-month for up to six months. I could turn it in any time during that period, and as long as it was turned in before the...
  7. Would you drop your order if a December(2022) model had better colors?

    I’m pretty much all in with Rapid Red, but if a dark green was announced for 2022, I’d wait in a millisecond.
  8. Ford's Marketing...

    This is where I have been headed lately. If B&P and the interior walkthrough and whatever else are really being held up because they are still testing a manual Sasquatch option and other things...then no way will be ordering in December. I just don‘t see “still testing” to “OK to order” in two...
  9. Bronco Build & Price date

    Due to the investigative nature of my day job, I’ve concluded this message to really say: ”We have shot no video. This post is to cover up something we promised last week that we had no chance in delivering on. But if you just keep the hype train going, we may just fall ass-backwards into some...
  10. Today should be the day the interior packages are shown.

    ‘Under-promise and over-deliver‘ appears to be a foreign concept to Ford and/or Bronco Nation. Just like their manual transmissions.... I truly feel like Ford wants angry people on the internet begging for information as a means to keep the hype train going.

    My girl and I are building a house. Dove in head-first on April 8th. Trying to get this accomplished during a pandemic, with everything either closed or “virtual,” has been a migraine and a half. There is no reason we should be arguing over whether the drawer to the right of the range should be...
  12. Closeups of Bronco LED headlight and taillight lighting elements

    Seeing these lit up just about changes my opinion that I like the lower trim headlights better. Dang. And, I definitely like the upgraded taillights better. Off to my spreadsheet to pick a new trim...again...for the 7th time.
  13. Price Difference Comparison: 2021 Bronco Pricing For All Trims (2-Door vs 4-Door)

    Selecting Base Sasquatch over Big Bend Sasquatch, you're giving up fog lamps, tinted windows, and leather-wrapped steering wheel...for $4,800. There is also another G.O.A.T. mode for the Big Bend, but zzzzzzzzz....... Pretty much this.
  14. Price Difference Comparison: 2021 Bronco Pricing For All Trims (2-Door vs 4-Door)

    The more I run the numbers, the more the accountant in me pushes towards base 2-Door Sasquatch (manual if it happens, 2.7 if it doesn’t).
  15. The Bronco trim badge is reflective - first look

    Base model has no badge, right? Asking for a friend…
  16. Giveaway Round 2: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    This answer changes for me daily, but today, 4-Door Outer Banks with aftermarket steel bumper, tube steps, and 33” KO2s.
  17. Lux package not worth it at all

    Which I prefer greatly to the way ACC works in my current car. But I don’t have the option to turn the ACC off either.
  18. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    For me, it’s not so much that I want the’s the fact that I can get the Black Diamond features plus what the Badlands adds; and then the High or Lux Package. What I REALLY want, is the Lux (or even High) packages available in the Black Diamond. Don’t need the standard adds from the...
  19. Keyless Entry Keypad

    Without intelligent access and push button start, this feature is a lot more appealing. I had it in my 2013 Explorer and my key never left the center console (inside, out of view). I’m not sure how it’ll work with the proximity sensor of push button start though.
  20. Decision points for you

    Needs: a Bronco Wants: heated steering wheel, universal garage door opener, intelligent access, rubber floors, vinyl seats, 2.7L EcoBoost, auto-dimming rearview mirror, and I'm sure 150 of the so-called 200 accessories that can be added. Final decision will be made when B&P is out...if ever.