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  1. Pet Ramp

    Anyone have any experience using a ramp to help their furry friends into their Broncos? Can anyone suggest a dog ramp they suggest that can help my dog into the vehicle? Preferably to help him into the back seats. I've got a 4 door. In the back seats we have one of those pet carrier canopies...
  2. Mounting a SUP Board on a soft top Wildtrak?

    Hmm.. not a SUP board but this is the smaller of my two kayaks. 😬
  3. Soft-Top Latch… Hard to Snap Shut?

    Mine was SUPER difficult at first. I still remember the first night I drove home, in the middle of no where I was freezing so I pulled over and tried to close the soft top for the first time. I got extremely frustrated because it was cold, dark, and I couldn’t for the life of me close the latch...
  4. Ordering Ford Performance parts in Canada?

    A friend of mine likes to use Eastgate Ford in Hamilton but pretty much any parts department can order it. edit: just realized you're not in ontario ahah
  5. Best foaming car wash product?

    I currently use Chemical Guys honeydew snow foam. I have a Karcher K1700 pressure washer with a MATCC foam cannon. The Chemical Guys foam cannon is over priced so I’d personally shop for alternatives on Amazon that are 1/3 to 1/2 the price with great reviews. As you can tell in the pic, my...
  6. Is it boujie that I don’t want the dealership to wash my FE when it comes in?

    Not at all. In fact, I told my dealer I don't want it washed because they used that as a reason to delay delivery lol. It's quite normal for people to ask a vehicle not to be cleaned prior to delivery, especially if you are taking it to get it professionally detailed right away (ceramic, or...
  7. Dubsesd Big Bend build!

    "Basic Operating Instructions for Keypad: - Unlock Driver's Door: Enter the 5-digit access code - Unlock All Doors: Press the 3x4 button within 5 sec. of entering the 5-digit access code" For me, I've only played with it once and it didn't work when I just entered the 5-digit code, but if I did...
  8. Email from Ford and I'm in Canada! $750 off purchase price!

    For those that got the $500 vs $750, I noticed the wording in the email is kind of different. The 750 says they hope you get a 2021 while the 500 says “your Bronco is built, but …” (third paragraph in)
  9. Accessories question

    Another suggestion, might as well save yourself the interest and use those Ford Pass points you get to pay for part of it?
  10. Concerning correspondence with dealer

    My dealer told me that in March, a month after the cut off for changes. But I wonder, given the hard top situation, if that has changed. I often wonder if I could change colour and if this situation gives me the opportunity to do so.
  11. Ontario ford dealers

    Aiyyy, all good. At this point I'm just thankful to be a part of this year's allocation lol.
  12. Ontario ford dealers

    The Bronco specialist at my dealer finaalllllly gave me the light of day and sent me an e-mail. I haven't really spoken to him since submitting my build and deposit. But today he said, "Ford has pulled the build sheet but have not yet given us an E.T.A for your unit." Just so I don't wait...
  13. Custom Hot Wheels Badlands

    What car did you get the wheels off of? Real riders? Looks good, I might have to make a custom for myself lol!
  14. Canadian Order Bank Now OPEN!!

    Sounds like Planet Ford in Brampton .. There was a guy on Facebook last week asking if it would be possible to get a Bronco this year if he didn't have a reservation and then last night he randomly posted a lease agreement for a Wildtrack asking, "who in Canada needs a Bronco? I can hook you up"
  15. B6G Poll: can you drive a manual or not?

    My current vehicle is manual but the plan is to trade it in for the Bronco I've ordered. Ordered it with the automatic transmission because my wife refuses to learn to drive stick
  16. Canadian Order Bank Now OPEN!!

    On my reservation finally converted to an order. I am stoked!
  17. Canadian Order Bank Now OPEN!!

    I submitted my order and paid the $1k deposit a week ago and it still shows on that I have a reservation :unsure:
  18. Canadian Order Bank Now OPEN!!

    I got a call from my dealer on Friday! He told me I'm fifth in line with delivery hopefully taking place some time between June and August. $1,000 refundable deposit required. My order should be submitted some time this week once we kind of finalize my build.