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  1. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Even if inaccurate, can we at least get an eta date in the future?
  2. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Wow. It's not like you couldn't have seen it coming. Sorry. Couldn't help myself :)
  3. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Same eta date range as mine. Still "in production". Sigh
  4. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Negative ghost rider. Crickets. Been in production for 21 days now.
  5. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Right? I'm thinking "lucky guy got a built email". What's a built email?
  6. Why are y'all not doing the Bronco Wave?

    Oh God, please no
  7. UtahBrandon

    Utah Bronco (soon to be owners) Unite to help against Dealer Markups!

    @flip I was just thinking that I need some black lug nuts. It looks like your set covers a set of four installed wheels. Do you offer a few random extras for the spare tire mount?
  8. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    I store a couple of links in my notes app for when the trackers are down just so I can see my eternal "In Production" status then stare at the flag on my wall. These are the links that feed the trackers. Just change the VIN and order number. Not sure that there's much, if any, difference between...
  9. Bronco (2.7 engine) shut off on highway, left me on the side of the road

    I have a supercharged 5.0 Jaguar XF, a 1970 Triumph TR6 and a 1982 Fiat Spider. I'm ready for anything.
  10. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    I’m 3943 and have received nothing. Still in production.
  11. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Thank you. I had asked earlier but it probably got buried. Are you an AEM developer? Curious as I work for Adobe, as in Adobe Experience Manager
  12. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Can you list out the tracker links, or the postman calls? I'm just grasping for any information on mine. Thanks. I know of: And the plain text looking one that dumps all attributes onto the page Are there...
  13. 2021+ Bronco ForScan Thread

    I assume it's not available in "on-road" GOAT modes by default due to legal issues of having video on screen while driving on the road? I don't see a disclaimer in the manual, however, it looks like it's only available in Mud/Ruts, Sand, Rock Crawl, and Baja so that seems plausible.
  14. 2021+ Bronco ForScan Thread

    I don't know yet what modes the forward facing cameras currently operate in, but I'd be interested to be able to use them on demand, in any mode. I think my Badlands is stuck on Dirt Mountain 2.0. Sigh
  15. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Just to make sure I didn't miss anything. For those of us on Dirt Mountain 2.0 with a status of "in production" still - there's no way to get insight into a more accurate status, right? 1FMEE5DH2MLA79028
  16. Colorado VA/MD/OH/IL/MS/KS/CO - WTB Badlands wheels, MOD Bumper, 4DR Roof Rails

    Mine is Cactus Grey so I have a set of these in bronze waiting at the dealership.
  17. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    I wonder if it's a metrics related issue. In other words, maybe the plant is accountable to metrics that align with "built", or something similar, that drives success and compensation. And maybe our vehicles meet that definition of "built" despite missing a part(s) so there's little incentive to...
  18. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    For what it's worth, pizza tracker still says "in production" and per @mpeugeot it hasn't actually shipped yet so I'm wondering if my dealer is just misinformed. Shocker
  19. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Dealer just called to say mine is "in transit!" Pizza tracker still says "in production" and no built email. Bottom of the window sticker still says 11/04
  20. The official, my dealer is a tool and won't tell me my rail car number.

    Dealer just called to say mine is "in transit" to Utah but he has no idea where to find the rail car. 1FMEE5DH2MLA79028 T40J Almost as important, how did you know that's an AEM site (Ford)? :) Are you in IT? I'm curious as I work for Adobe, as used in "Adobe Experience Manager".