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  1. New $5K Bronco roof option

    Uh, no.
  2. Goose gear 2-door "stealth sleep" seat delete

    Looks like nice stuff, and I know they have to do all the engineering, mould making, etc. - But for $895, I'll likely do my own out of plywood and stuff.
  3. Ford strikes deal with chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries to help end shortage

    Boy, that sounds rather open ended. The proof will be if Ford ever buys chips from the supplier
  4. This makes me sick $120k for Badlands Sasquatch

    You just have to know who to shake hands with - and buy vehicles from.
  5. Anyone else think seats aren't comfortable?

    Totally comfortable
  6. Want to buy a Bronco without worrying about ADM or Dealer Shenanigans? Do this first.

    It's all a contract. Leasing companies have their own. A dealer may refuse to lease under those terms. What amazes me about all the reported way above MSRP deals is I suspect people are paying anything way above MSRP out of their own pockets. I can't imagine a bank lending on it. Banks are...
  7. This makes me sick $120k for Badlands Sasquatch

    There is a difference between a "deal" and a contract. A contract is legally enforceable. A deal is usually an offer to sell, or buy, , which is part of the overall contract process. Normally, you don't sign the contract until you are sitting in front of the Finance Manager. Everything that...
  8. Want to buy a Bronco without worrying about ADM or Dealer Shenanigans? Do this first.

    Disclaimer - I'm not a lawyer, and I don't play one on TV. Anything and everything I say here is worth exactly what you paid for it - nothing. If you want the real deal info, talk to a lawyer in your state. The only thing you need to do to ensure you will be happy with the price you pay for...
  9. This makes me sick $120k for Badlands Sasquatch

    But that is the point - you didn't have a deal in place. Everyone need a sales contract! A contract is enforceable. An offer is not.
  10. Why are y'all not doing the Bronco Wave?

    Sorry, but maybe because no one else really cares? Kinda like giving yourself a nickname. But if you like to, go for it. Maybe you'll start a trend.
  11. Hellacious mirror whistle -- simple FIX = RTV silicone!

    I didn’t notice a whistle on the Bronco I drove.
  12. Just looking for a fun ride, not a mountain goat.

    Has it been scheduled or delivered? You can modify an order before it’s converted. After driving a Bronco for a day at the Off Roadeo, I decided to add Sasquatch to my Big Bend. It really make a difference on a trail. I will likely use it for 5% or less of the time I own the Bronco, but I...

    (y)It is a step that many people have not taken, and then get surprised When their less than scrupulous dealer jerks them around with request for additional markup, etc.

    Do you have a sales contract, or similar document? Depends on your state, but that says you have a binding agreement to purchase at an agreed upon price.
  15. Ford cargo area enclosure - unlocking options?

    If someone wants what’s in your car, they’ll get it. Most times, they’re just looking for cash and things that can be easily grabbed, so if you slow them down your chances of keeping what you got are that much higher.
  16. Bronco rodeo refund!

    The fellow doing signup specifically mentioned the credit to everyone at our event in Moab and encouraged everyone to spend it If they were not using it for a passenger. He also mentioned there may be an online ordering opportunity, soon.
  17. To the designer of the Sasquatch tires

    😆(y) The stock tires did a nice job off road in Moab. The guides did say they throw rocks, so leave some space between vehicles as we were driving to and from the trail.
  18. Bronco rodeo refund!

    FYI - It’s been covered on the Off Roadeo forum.