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  1. Has anyone spoken to a Ford salesman that actually knew as much as you do?

    I don't understand this. How can a dealer know if all their customer's builds will be 2021? They don't. So if a dealer only submits orders equal to allocations, they may shoot themselves in the foot if some builds are pushed to 2022.
  2. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Spied! Riding on 35's, Classic 4-Slot Wheel Design and White Grille!

    A can of white plastidip will suffice on my regular Bronco
  3. ⚙️ 2021 BRONCO ACCESSORIES PICTURES! Ford Performance Parts Catalog + Availability Schedule ?

    When it was leaked BushWHACKer was making the flares, I knew they'd be fail.
  4. What # in line are you at your selected dealership?

    Dealers are allowed to do this, as Zack @ Granger alluded to when I asked him. However, Granger and many other dealers, have said they will not put an internal priority on certain customer builds and its just straight off the timestamp...
  5. Dealer called to convert, surprise 5k ADM

    collusion is illegal. they should be called out to the authorities, whoever that is
  6. First Edition Black Leather + White Stitching Revealed

    I'm sweating just looking at that
  7. When Will I Get My BRONCO?? - Granger Ford

    @[email protected] thank you for those details! Can you address this "cutting in line" or "giving priority to customers who selected Granger first". I'm hearing that dealers are no allowing people with early reservations to get ahead of existing customers on a new dealer switch
  8. This text from dealer doesn't sound right or am I mis-informed?

    Salesperson knew all along the process. Just trying to test customers lack of info to hurry up and order (and thus, putting down additional deposit)
  9. Dealers Allocations? whose making it for MY21? whose on MY22?

    How? Only when Ford throws all the orders into the algorithm (that will determine the sequence depending on when commodities are available) will anyone know what and when Bronco gets built
  10. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    Yes you do. What you order plays a bigger role than when your timestamp is. The timestamp is honored WHEN the commodity is available.
  11. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    This is so wrong and will cause people to lose hope before Ford gives the timing estimates in May. The dealer will convert as many reservations as possible, regardless of allocations. Why? - The more converted reservations, the more allocations the dealer may receive when the actual allocation...
  12. Want your Bronco sooner? Be flexible on options

    But here's the thing, if I'm Ford and I project the Big Bend configuration is the least popular, then I won't prioritize those commodities for that model. So, those that order that BB config could be waiting until MY22. No one knows
  13. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    Congrats on the new info, but now the added competition among the same dealers is what people are struggling with
  14. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    - All orders will be processed in one large batch after March 19th. So it doesn't matter if your dealer submits orders in the sequence of who selected that dealer first or the actual timestamp of your reservation. As long as it's in before March 19, the dealer has no control. -Commodities for FE...
  15. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    I feel like the timestamp/dealer spot in line is moot. Commodities will play a 10x bigger role whether your Bronco gets built, and in what sequence.
  16. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    Don't hold your breath. Mullinax is offering X-plan, so I'm sure alot of us are just waiting until the last minute to see if other FL dealers will match before ultimately switching to Mullinax.
  17. Written commitment to buy required before dealer will place order

    The dealer does not control the order allocation of their converted reservations. That's Ford's big algorithm's job. Just get your order in by March 19th. I think most dealers know this - they just are using scare tactics to hurry and get your order/deposit/etc.
  18. Written commitment to buy required before dealer will place order

    I'm with @Drex. Your Bronco could arrive anytime between June and December or even later. Your life could be completely different a year from now and a $50K commitment is absurd.
  19. 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4XE

    I was hoping the pricing was going to be high so I wouldn't have a tough decision to make. I don't like Wranglers like I used to, but I do like that price + hybrid :unsure: