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  1. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    The MGV not only looks good but it feels good as well. I am not a leather fan but I like this just fine, even in cold weather, (no heated seats). Don't know what everyone's problem is with the blue accents, looks fine to me with VB color. That's what I have.
  2. Auto Stop / Start stopped working

    Probably not Canada, just CA and NY.
  3. Turbocharged Engine Advice - tips or tricks for maintenance?

    Haven't looked at a Power Stroke but the older Deere tractors had a decal on the corner post that reminded you to idle before shutdown. Haven't noticed this in the newer tractors and it doesn't seem like we have any more turbo problems than before except with the variable vane ones.
  4. Turbocharged Engine Advice - tips or tricks for maintenance?

    Way back when, tractor manufacturers recommended idling turbo engines for 1/2 to 1 min to cool them down before shut down. Don't see that anymore and my wife's diesel equinox doesn't say anything different to do with the turbo.
  5. 80s retro badge.

    I've never been graceful enough to do age gracefully. Someday I'll go down swinging with my cane from my walker.
  6. 80s retro badge.

    I guess thats a win for you ha ha.

    Since getting my BD on 11/2 I it has gotten a lot of attention. There are only 2 others here and they are both softops. The Bronco stands out from other vehicles so much because of it's styling and rarity. This has created a driving hazard. I watched to young men almost unscrew their heads as...
  8. 80s retro badge.

    No smart phone but I will see what I can do. It is about 3/4" tall 2" isosceles triangle. Had a paint chip in the front center of the hood when I got my '72. This covered it and looked understated and tasteful. Fit the curve of the hood perfectly and looked factory. Got lots of comments. Looked...
  9. 80s retro badge.

    Nah, no offense. It just seems funny how different people gauge old. I didn't start to feel old till 50 like you but 60 ain't better. By the way, any Bronco mods are individualistic. No permission necessary. I'm going to put a hood ornament off of a jd tractor on mine like I had on my '72.
  10. 80s retro badge.

    Old? Suck it up buttercup (ha, ha). HS '79 University of Life since, just haven't grageated yet. Consider myself child of the late '60s, early '70s.
  11. I've been ducked!

    Yeah it is kind of a cool thing. We need to come up with something like this for Broncos.
  12. I've been ducked!

    Picked up my bd 11/2 finally mic 2.7 steelies. Parked by a fellow employee's Jeep Wrangler 4 dr Limited. She left a rubber duck on my door handle that said nice Jeep and you've been ducked. Didn't know this but this is a Jeep community thing to place ducks on rigs. No smart phone (I'm a...
  13. 🛠 8/2/21 build Week Thread

    Mine was build date 8/3 shipped 9/28 eta 10/25-10/31. eta changed 10/28 to 10/29-11/4. Rail to Spokane, Wa then truck to Idaho. This is more agonizing than waiting for vin and build.
  14. Air filter.. check it

    The air filter should get dirty in dirty conditions. Then conditions and the quality of the filter determine the replacement timeframe. A dirty filter is not cause for concern unless dirt is getting through it or it is plugged. This one appears to be doing it's job.
  15. Bronco Shipped!

    Mine is a dm bronco. Shipped 9/28 eta 10/25-10/31. Eta changed yesterday to 10/29-11/04. Shipping rail to Spokane and then south to western Idaho. Railroad must have lost it and then found again. Dealer tells me that rail tracking has been a mess as they have had orders show up a week early to a...
  16. UPDATE 3 & 4: Complete Engine Failure - SAS Big Bend - 3wk Old / 1000mi / 2.7L EcoBoost

    How wide spread is the valve problem really. Yes it sucks if it happens to you and I won't be happy if it happens when mine arrives (on the train). Are we talking 10 out of a 100 or 100 out of 10,000 engines. Exclusive to Broncos or any nano 2.7? I'm sure Ford is working to id the problem and...
  17. Picked her up today and stranded due to coolant leak. RESOLVED: Secure your coolant hose with a ziptie !

    Without seeing it, it could be something as simple as loosing a clamp and twisting the hose to a new position and not needing to zip tie though that would be good insurance. Also, don't necessarily blame Ford for poor service from the wrecker companies.
  18. Dealership selling new Bronco for $72K+ over MSRP.

    Wow, added almost 10k over msrp for market adjustment and then added 63k markup and extra accessories installed. What did they add, a gold toilet?
  19. Photos & Update From Bronco Dirt Mountain - Oct 19, 2021

    Maybe using soft tops for temporary before mic 2.0 change or waiting to add accessories?