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  1. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    I think my dealer was spot on. I could have had a 4 door soft top in July. I passed and was told my 2 door mic would be built Feb-March . I’m hoping he is right.
  2. Nov 1 Update - 2022 order confirmation email from Ford

    When I went in to my dealer on the 13th and reordered a 2022, the Salesman opened up his order process Ford site and there was already a 2022 order in place with my original order #. Ford rolled it over automatically. It was a Priority Code 99. The salesman said he had not changed the...
  3. Keyless Entry Keypad (Trick)

    I always leave the keys in the vehicle. If I'm in an area that worries me I hide the keys. I only got burned one time in 20 plus years. I left the lights on accidentally and it drained the battery. Locks don't unlock with a drained battery. I was able to get the hood unlatched to charge the...
  4. Aftermarket Hitch

    Thank you. The one for the Big Bronco is also $105.00 I did a search this A.M. before the coffee kicked in and should have paid more attention. I do have the right harness for my, Bronco in Waiting.
  5. Aftermarket Hitch
  6. MY22 Ford confirmation email

    My confirmation had this attached. I don't know if everyone got this message or if I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
  7. MY22 Ford confirmation email

    What did your e mail include? Confirmation, build specs and was there a paragraph stating when your Bronco would be scheduled? Not a date but priority?
  8. 2022 Orders

    Yes, I got the confirmation e mail on the 14th.
  9. 2022 Orders

    I think that Ford started rolling over 2021 orders to 2022 orders about that time. My dealer said mine was rolled over, to stop in and make the changes I wanted once he could get into the order to make changes and we'd get a signed invoice. As of Saturday he still couldn't get in to change the...
  10. I test drove lifted 2.3 Ranger w/35s and 2.7 F150

    I had the 3.5 EB in a SC F150 4x4 8' bed completely stock and it absolutely would haul a$$. I'm sure the 2.7 EB in my 2-Door Bronco will do just fine.
  11. 2022 Orders

    I did the same last Saturday. I have a signed invoice on hand at MSRP with my requested changes for the 2022 order. The dealership was still locked out from making changes to the rolled over order. I will stop in again this Saturday to verify everything is in the system.
  12. 2021+ Bronco ForScan Thread

    Bambi mode would be nice also. Where the fog lights stay on when the brights are activated.
  13. 📒 Latest 2022 Bronco Order Guide Released (Updated Monthly) + Price List

    Yep, verified today at my dealer. It maybe available at some point for all trims.
  14. 📒 Latest 2022 Bronco Order Guide Released (Updated Monthly) + Price List

    I stopped by the dealer this AM to verify my 2022 order and add the Capable, ilo bumper Currently there is no order code to add the bumper to other trims where it isn‘t standard. If it isn’t available soon I am going with the standard bumper and get an aftermarket. Ther are some pretty nice...
  15. 📒 Latest 2022 Bronco Order Guide Released (Updated Monthly) + Price List

    We now have 2 steel bumper choices the HD Modular and the Capable ilo. Does anyone have any information if the ilo bumper for the Base has the OEM dash fog light switch and fog lights?
  16. 📒 Latest 2022 Bronco Order Guide Released (Updated Monthly) + Price List

    So the capable front bumper is still off the board for any trim level?
  17. Anyone else sweating with anxiety on MY22 mysteries?

    Demo is a BB, no aux switches, 4 door, 2.3 auto, two tone interior. Asking MSRP. Set up for hard top. I can add a bumper, splash plates, hard top and switches but the 2.3 was the killer for me. Also how long will it be before an aftermarket, fastback hard top will be available? I was told my...
  18. Anyone else sweating with anxiety on MY22 mysteries?

    Not much help but at least my dealer is in contact with me. Hi Jerry, Here's the latest. The only 2021 Bronco orders being scheduled are 4-door soft top models. On Friday, 10/8, the Bronco order system will be locked out for about a week, while Ford switches existing orders to a 2022. After...
  19. 2021+ Bronco ForScan Thread

    WOW thanks for the response. Please keep us posted.