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  1. The official, my dealer is a tool and won't tell me my rail car number.

    Get a grip, Karen. I almost thought this thread was a joke, and really, it is.
  2. Learned that Jeep hate is real

    I have a Wrangler. One day I'll have a Bronco. There's a reason for that and it only makes me sad. You did it to yourself, Jeep.
  3. Eruption Green (and most all other colors) are impossible to match to interior trims colors.

    Considering how Ford has stumbled like a drunkard through this entire process, I'm sure fluorescent accent colors, especially the pink, will soon be the standard. It will be up to a third party and your wallet to fix the schizophrenic design choices originating from Ford's expensive bungled Bronco.
  4. Rust on steel bumper of black diamond

    It's inevitable that a bumper is going to get bumped, chipped, scratched and dinged just driven on the road. Get a touch-up paint stick. Thank you for coming to this forum for your mental health counseling session. We're here to help.
  5. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Every time. I read the words and my brain says, "Erection Green." Freudian? I want it anyway to replace my green Jeep.
  6. Eruption Green Bronco Outer Banks spotted at MN State fair

    That's certainly a more substantial door than on my Wrangler. I didn't realize that when I was looking at the vehicle a few months ago.
  7. Curious Why it Seems so Many People Want a Manual Trans?

    Because I'm driving the vehicle, the vehicle isn't driving me. Less weight. Better mileage. Less expensive and disastrous repairs. More precise control when shifting and accelerating. More fun. Don't have to be numb from the neck up in air-conditioned luxury.
  8. Black Diamond 32's vs 33's. How much of a difference?

    If it's only the looks, you'll be surprised how nice the stock tires look on the Black Diamond. They translate very poorly in a picture and seem shockingly undersized. Seeing them in person made all the difference. When you get your chance, go to one of the local Bronco shows to see them in person.
  9. What will your Bronco be towing?

    The trailer is more free of dust on the inside than the Wrangler ever is. Let's hope the Bronco can also keep the miles of gravel road dirt out.
  10. Thinking About Ordering a 2 Door? - Watch this video!

    Pictures truly do not do the tire/wheel vs. body justice. I was very surprised how nice the stock wheels and 32' tires looked on a Black Diamond four door until I went to take a picture with the phone. There's something in that 3d to 2d conversion and lens distortion that makes the ratio look...
  11. Thinking About Ordering a 2 Door? - Watch this video!

    If I wanted to chauffeur other people around I'd get a four door. They can get their own Bronco. I've had a 2 door Wrangler for 12 years. No problems. That 2 door Bronco looks great! I'm sticking with my choice.
  12. Cactus Gray Black Diamond w/steelies @ Utah event

    That Bronco was in Portland a couple weeks ago. It's making the west coast rounds.
  13. Portland, Oregon Bronco Event (OB & BD)

    Exactly. A two door of any type would have been nice just to get the feel of it. My order is for a Black Diamond. It doesn't matter how many doors the show model has, there were specific elements I wanted to look at that are common to both sizes. It would have been nice to see a MIC top.
  14. Portland, Oregon Bronco Event (OB & BD)

    I had to take a later slot which is perfectly fine. I was getting my 2nd vaccine shot at Convention Center. It wasn't that busy when I arrived. Lots of Wranglers in the parking lot. Much busier when I left. Even the Bronco Sports were nice. If I needed two vehicles, I'd certainly consider...
  15. Portland, Oregon Bronco Event (OB & BD)

    Today was the show and tell for the Bronco in Portland, Oregon. There was an Outer Banks in black with an automatic, and a Black Diamond in Cactus Gray with the 7-speed stick. Neither vehicle had the Sasquatch package (nice to see), both were four door and had the soft top. The Outer Banks had...
  16. 🎥OBL Black Diamond Interior Tour

    Still no top of the dash or full on of the front of the arm rest. Almost. Net pockets are cheap and cheesy, really.
  17. I SAW IT, I SAW IT, I SAW IT............Bronco that is. Wanna see some photos?

    You got me. First couple of pictures I thought it was black, and how nice it looked. I swore I'd never own another black car and this made me double think. Then I realized it was antimatter blue and thus the trick we've all been debating. It is my current color of choice and I know it's going to...
  18. 2-Door Badlands in Cyber Orange tonight on an evening drive.

    I think there have been enough pictures of the Bronco in the wild for me to want mud flaps. It doesn't look like you can do any wet pavement driving without coating the side of your vehicle in muck.
  19. 📷: Area 51 2-door First Edition Bronco pics by Levine

    I'm sure the 12" display is amazing, but without a bezel it looks very DIY. It just looks like a last second afterthought .