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  1. 3,600 miles - Should the front axles have this kind of rust already?

    Yes. Bare metal = surface rust
  2. Up-Close Pics: 2022 Capable Front Bumper

    There must be a shortage on Bronco bolts so they’re promoting the capable bumper to save on supplies. 😂
  3. Remove / Replace HVAC Air Vents - DIY how-to video

    Just throw some dirt on them. 😂
  4. What does "ford cv lot management" on DORA mean?

    Mine is $0 also. I was just wondering. Thanks
  5. What does "ford cv lot management" on DORA mean?

    I noticed a new line on my DORA. Anybody know what “ ford cv lot management” means.
  6. Will Ford Push Back MY22 Start Date?

    2.7 liter orders might get pushed due to an investigation on why some are dropping valves. We’ll see.
  7. 🕵🏻‍♂️ Spied! 2022 Bronco Everglades Showing Winch, Snorkel, Roof Rack

    It looks like the replacement for the Delorean in Back To The Future
  8. Factory Molded Mud Flaps

    Since I'm non-squatch I'm going to look at the removable crash bars as a mounting point. It will be a while since I have to confirm my order with the dealer for a 2022 now.
  9. Rock Rails for on the Black Diamond for 2022

    I was just in the 2022 Build and Price and the rock rails are missing on the Black Diamond. Is this a B&P glitch or are they removing them as a standard feature. It sounds like they should be an accessory or an additional credit should be issued if they changed the configuration and I'll buy...
  10. Does the capable bumper use steel skids?

    It’s described as power coated steel. It is standard on the 2022 Black Diamond and Badlands which have power coated steel rear bumpers and full skid plates.
  11. #ReservationsoverAllocations

    your call will be answered in the order it was received but your order will be built when we feel like it.
  12. Jumping Ship? - What's Your Plan B Vehicle Purchase?

    Plan B is probably a 4 Runner
  13. Just got the call from my dealer.... (Updated)

    Check back in 2022 and I might be in your shoes.
  14. McMuffin's Bronco Logbook

    The gas is strong in this one Obiwan!
  15. Just got the call from my dealer.... (Updated)

    I guess your on your way. I might run out the door in my pajamas if I got “the call”.
  16. First Bronco Snow Ever?

    My crystal ball sees a car port in your future. 😂
  17. Why buy accessories now?

    That’s true but some people are filling their garages with parts and still have no VIN. I mentioned tires and wheels because I thought it was overkill to list the whole inventory of parts currently available.
  18. Why buy accessories now?

    Why are people buying tires and wheels for a vehicle they might not see for two years. The way this rollout is going better aftermarket equipment will be available if/when they take delivery. I’m saving the garage space and waiting.