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    Too late I have the pictures and they are all over Facebook and Instagram
  2. Official: Bronco Reveal Coming March! Bronco Sport Reveal Follows in April

    This is only the debut, they won’t be available in the showroom at dealers until early 2021. So don’t get all excited about getting your hands on one anytime soon. I would guarantee this is so the aftermarkets can get there hands on dimensions to make parts so they are available at launch
  3. Spy Video, Underbody / Suspension and Interior Closeups of 2021 Bronco Prototype!

    Well this confirms it, I will not be buying a New Bronco — the independent front suspension ruined it for me. Good Luck Ford out selling Jeep with this one and not listening to what the public wanted! This will be just another boring SUV with a removable top and doors
  4. Let’s talk about interior Design and dash board set up

    Seeing how Ford has spent years doing R&D on making interior components water proof I highly doubt it will be this type of set up
  5. What's Your Price Cap?

    If the Bronco meets or exceeds my expectations of what it is supposed to be — Direct competition with Jeep then I have no budget to have the baddest one in my area. If it does not I won’t buy one.
  6. Are you going to custom-order your Bronco or pick one off the lot?

    Why the f- - k would I let a dealer order what I want? I waited 6 f- - king years for it to come out what’s another 6 to 8 weeks for delivery
  7. Ford Endeavor

    Thanks for nothing
  8. Ford Endeavor

    This is the Ford Endeavor that is on sale in India
  9. Possible peak of Bronco

    Found this picture on the Ford website advertising release of E- Mustang
  10. Ford Bronco Pickup Truck Rumor Surfaces Again

    This is the Bronco Truck they should build
  11. Bronco R Race Prototype Revealed for Baja 1000!

    I’m definitely waiting to see the Raptor version before I pull the trigger
  12. New Full size Bronco going to SEMA (one can dream)

    LOL- that is some shoddy craftsmanship on the softtop