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  1. Some Broncos at my local dealer, one has paint defects.

    That is the dealer manikin at Greene ford in Gainesville. By the way when I stopped by to look at it, and try to test drive it they told me they weren't letting anybody test drive the demo. Isn't that what Ford sent demo units to dealerships for? Not so they can sit there and have less miles on...
  2. Where can I buy the door bags besides Ford?

    The door bags they sell on the Ford accessory website are for garage storage only. They say "not compatible with on vehicle storage." They also are way more expensive than if you would've just ordered the bags when you placed your bronco order.
  3. Some Broncos at my local dealer, one has paint defects.

    A local dealership in my area has a few Broncos, the window sticker says retail & special order. Not sure if they are customers or not. Posting pictures below, the hood on the Outer Banks cactus gray, has slight defects in the paint . How did Ford miss this in the Quality Control check? If you...
  4. Warning : Double check order on vehicle storage bags

    This seems silly to me. But if you do not order your bronco with the on vehicle storage bags, you can't get them. Currently ford accessories store only offer the garage storage bag. They state "Not compatible with on-vehicle storage." I got lucky and my dealer already took delivery of his...
  5. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    How many Broncos is ford producing monthly? 35 pages is a lot of production schedule in January.
  6. Big Bend or Outerbanks ? The extra price increase worth it?

    I have a 4 door ordered : big bend cactus gray, mid package, signature led lights, aux switches, 2.7L engine, locking rear differential, & soft top I want everyone's opinion is it worth jumping up to an Outerbanks for the high package and different color interior? Zone lighting looks neat too...
  7. Atlanta dealers

    Has anyone in the Atlanta area heard anything good or bad about Gwinnett place Ford in Duluth? Where have you placed your orders through? Also after a dealer prints off an order summary and the order is in the system do they have to go back in and submit thenorder to Ford? Kind of confused on...
  8. Georgia Want to buy OEM wheels

    Looking for anyone who is going to put on aftermarket wheels and is getting rid on their oem wheels. Dm me. I'm wanting 17" sasquatch Black high gloss painted with warm alloy beauty ring or the other option for badlands 17" black high gloss painted with carbonized gray beauty ring. Thanks !
  9. Capable front bumper ?

    Am I missing the capable front bumper or did it not get added to 22MY?
  10. Retrofit install Signature headlights and taillights on Black Diamond?

    Just curious if anybody knows the answer to this. But if you bought the black diamond trim, could you go to Ford and get the signature LED headlight and taillight assembly, and just swap them out? i
  11. What was your out there door price, down payment, monthly

    Just curious those who have been lucky and are enjoying their new bronco. What was your out the door price, what did you put down, and what is your monthly? And also how bad is your insurance a month? cheers !
  12. Buying Bandlands wheels after delivery?

    Not sure I can do this but the big bend has everything I want when I add led head lights, /tail lights, auxiliary switches. I hate the wheel options for the big bend. Does anyone know if you will be able to buy a set of the bandlands wheels?
  13. What's in your driveway?

    1966 Ford Mustang fastback factory GT
  14. Led headlamps & taillamp factory upgrades

    Ahh gotcha. Thanks guys !
  15. Led headlamps & taillamp factory upgrades

    When the builder first launched there was an option to upgrade the big bend and black diamond trim levels to led headlights & taillights. Did ford take this option away? Do you have to go with outerbanks trim or higher to get led lighting?
  16. Grills by trim

    Does anyone have pictures of what grills will go with each of the different trim levels?