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  1. Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    right on, thank you! I'm working on making up my own design for the hood piece, I'll reach out to them about having it printed
  2. Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    where did you order the hood sticker from?
  3. Expedition One Bronco at SEMA

    BDS SEMA build has a tailgate...
  4. Bronco delivery in Northern VA and Washington, D.C.

    Saw a red Outer Banks (4dr, soft top) in Vienna last Saturday taking my kid to lacrosse practice. Stopped in at Koons Sterling today to get a printed DORA for my 21-converted-to-22 order. They have a 4dr Outer Banks (Area 51 color) on the lot available for $73k (order back out, with a $25k...
  5. What aftermarket wheels for 2021+ Bronco do you want?

    I want something like this too, and I found a potential low $ option. 1999-2001 era Nissan (Frontier/Xterra/Pathfinder) has a 16x7 steel spare wheel with 8 triangle holes. Spec-wise it's almost a match to the base bronco steel wheels: 16x7, 6x139.7, +40mm offset (bronco base is +55mm)...
  6. The Dog Thread 🐾

    my girl Ginger and my boy Murphy
  7. Importance of Lockers

    I'm with you OP, I'd love to have the option to add a rear locker for $495 like you can on the BB. At present, adding SAS package to the Base (2dr, 2.3L) forces you to add auto trans. If manual SAS is available for MY22, then it's a consideration for sure...
  8. Aftermarket Auxiliary switches

    I figured Bronco stuff would show up on Tasca's parts website soon(ish) - didn't think to check for F-series trucks...
  9. Render: tailgate with spare tire delete

    if they have a drop-down variant made for the new bronco I'd consider it. I wasn't aware any were out there (yet), and figured this would be a relatively simple bit of body work with the existing parts. <shrug>
  10. Render: tailgate with spare tire delete

    lol - I'm all for fuel injection, and not a fan of the white top. That's the beauty of these things - like adult legos we can build what we want.
  11. Render: tailgate with spare tire delete

    I'm a big fan of the old school Bronco look, with the spare tire mounted inside. I have on order a Base 2dr (2.3L, 7spd manual, aux switches), and I plan to swap 235/85r16 tires (32" tall and skinny). I'd like to eventually remove the rear seats, build a flat platform and mount the spare...
  12. Custom vanity license plate for your Bronco?

    Not a vanity tag, but I've been searching for a pair of Virginia license plates from between 1973-1985 (VA won't allow you to re-register plates older than that as they typically had the month/year stamped into the plate - vice the stickers we use now). That era has a clean, kind of throwback...
  13. VA folks - Where are the demo units?

    Madison Ford (Madison VA) has a Cyber Orange 4dr Badlands
  14. Hammock swag gift thread

    mine showed up today, I'll try it out this weekend...
  15. The issue no one is talking about. Or is it?

    well said. it'll get here when it gets here and I'll enjoy every minute of it then.
  16. (Edited with adds) I am suddenly excited about the MY22 B&P release

    my wish list: - option to add rear locker to the base model that option is available on both the Ranger base XL model and F-150 base model XL for $420-$470.
  17. Broncos stored as far as one can see @ Wayne, MI 🔭

    water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink
  18. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    zooming in on one of the pics from the ebay listing, it looks like LT265/75R16, which would put it at 31.6"