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  1. Fuel economy 2 door verses 4 door 2.3 manual

    Badlands 4 door, 2.3 manual, soft top. 3500 miles. 18.6 mpg. Always running premium. probably 60% highway in this usage. On highway, I put it in 6th and set the cruise at 75. Around town, I drive with a little pop, but not quite "aggressive". Got pulled over once and slowed down a little...
  2. BD SAS + black, white, silver powder coat steelies w/ bronco cap

    Here are the stock wheel sizes: Those Pro Comps look like they will fit, but they don't tell you the hub bore. Ask 4wp for the hub bore size. From everything I have read most of the axles require 93.1mm hub bore. So you need that...
  3. What are you guys paying for extended warranties?

    4 cylinder turbo putting out 300 hp? Yes, I'm getting extended warranty. I didn't do my research. I went through dealer. The vehicle came with 3 year/36000. I upgraded to 7 year/100k miles for $2200, with $100 deductible. I have since learned through this site that there are way cheaper...
  4. Adding interior LED ambient lighting (now with working photos!)

    This is a good thread. There seems to be a polarized experience with lighting. My Badlands with high pkg: interior is like a black hole at night. You can't see shit in this thing. Dome light is good, just right under it. If you need to look around the inside of the rig, it's tough at...
  5. To Throw Stones Or Not To Throw Stones, SAS Is The Question -- Mickey Thompson Baja Boss vs Toyo Open Country tires

    The rock dent picture bummed me out. But your handsome driver pic cheered me back up.
  6. To Throw Stones Or Not To Throw Stones, SAS Is The Question -- Mickey Thompson Baja Boss vs Toyo Open Country tires

    Ha ha. This is a thing. I have a non-sas badlands and the KO2s throw a lot of stones too. I am guessing any tire with a deep lug is going to pick up and throw stones. I can't say for the two tires you asked about. But I have Mickey Thompson Baja Pro XSs waiting for wheels and all of the...
  7. F O R D letters for grille?

    I have not posted in a while. I have not finished the project, but I have made some progress. I had a buddy print the F and the D from the file that @TopRecon designed and they are great. The posts on the new letters are pretty fragile. One broke off of the F from handling. And I think...
  8. RhodeIslandRed

    New England Broncos

    great pics. Color looks amazing with the fall backdrop. Congrats! Even though it's cold, make sure you ride around with the roof in the third position a little bit.
  9. Ditch your Fridge Magnets - Adhesive backed Heritage Bronco Fender Badges by BroncoDepotUSA

    waiting for restock of satin silver or factory silver. Just keep checking the online store daily?
  10. Badlands vs Black Diamond

    I have had my non-Sas manual badlands, high pkg for about a month. I have been wheeling a few times and I have really adopted the front camera when on-trail. I just did the Off Roadeo in NH and no front cameras on any rigs. I think it was intentional as spotting was part of the course. But...
  11. What is is about the Bronco that brings out the haters?

    ^^^This! Even the raptor pickup is just a pickup. Park a bronco next to a sweet-ass raptor and the lookie-loos are crawling all over the bronco. And I would add that since the vehicle count is very low, the enthusiasm is higher right now. When there are hundreds of thousands pumping out...
  12. Ranger wheels on Base Bronco

    I love these wheels and the look of them on the bronco. There is a red rig on this forum that mounted up the same wheels in silver. And they look awesome too. Just remember that...
  13. Base Sound System Upgrade/Build

    You lost me when talking about the backs. If i am just replacing the four 4"s (no amp/nothing else), do i need HPFs for the backs?
  14. Should I Sell My 74 Now That I Have My New Bronco?

    I love vintage shit. But compared to this new ride, it is shit. Chew on it for a couple months and see how much you drive the 74. If you find that you never drive it any more (which is what I'm finding), then make a decision about storage or sell. For the people talking about how the value...
  15. F O R D letters for grille?

    Just proving concept with rattle cans and painter's tape. But i think we can get something decent with chrome on sides and red face letters. I'll update soon.
  16. F O R D letters for grille?

    Oh, cool. You printed the letters? How did they come out? That's my real question right now. If they letters come out decent, I'm ready to go with the mods. I also have a lot of other stuff going on, but the minute I get the F and the D, this becomes the only thing I care about. ha ha...
  17. F O R D letters for grille?

    Sorry so slow to turn this around. I have been driving with the missing R for a couple weeks. My guy doing the 3d printing is flaking out a little bit. -talking 'bout kids' Halloween costumes, etc. I estimate another week and I'll have something to post.
  18. Race Red on 37’s and FordBroncoLifts level lift kit - 3" front / 2" rear staggered lift

    That thing looks great. The spare looks humungous on the back. Any consideration for a spare tire carrier? I'm also curious about performance with the 2.3, 4.27 and 37s. Any lugging from start? And mileage observations (not that that matters)? Thanks for posting. Oh, and I like your...
  19. A little about us - RealTruck

    @RealTruck I am ready to order. Discount code?