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  1. Sasquatch tires!

    Well Ford didn’t get that memo then, the build and price specifically calls out MUD TERRAIN on the Sasquatch tire description.
  2. Leather “trimmed” seats

    For 2100 you can probably get Nicer katzkin than what Ford offers. And get the promotional color scheme everybody is complaining they can’t have. Double win!
  3. Michigan Wanted: Black Diamond Blue Accents

    I’m sure aftermarket will offer finishes/textures/materials that look way nicer than blue or orange plastic.
  4. Who will you allow to drive your new Bronco

    Just know that the insurance on the vehicle take precedence over the drivers, so your insurance would actually pay for it. But yeah, just a car, anyone can drive it :)
  5. Bronco builds announced by builders

    Fenders, grill, and bumper looking good on the Saleen
  6. Mike levine confirms that winch will block camera view

    The problem is that the purpose of the front camera is supposed to be a center view of the front bumper and the ground or whatever the car is about to touch. No matter how high you stick the camera In The grill, a winch is going to block the intended view, which is down! If you just want to...
  7. YOU CAN DO IT...without MID pkg

    Yeah, I would do it if some more experienced ford owners put out instructions :)
  8. YOU CAN DO IT...without MID pkg

    I know nothing about the product, but roller switch looks super cheap. How well can you integrate some of these retrofits into Fords original buttons or touch screen sync system?
  9. Ford Options to AVOID?

    If you have intelligent access, will the car even lock of it detects the keys are still inside the vehicle?
  10. Mike levine confirms that winch will block camera view

    I don’t know what people expect. We’re listening means thanks for the feedback, he didn’t say okay we’ll re-engineer it for the limited percentage of people running the winch setup if you order a hitch mount bike rack from ford and it blocks the rear camera, are you all gonna complain that ford...
  11. Fifteen 52 Analog wheels in white

    Maybe it’s a quality wheel, but 250 for a simple retro wheels seems really expensive to me
  12. Outer Banks Wheel Size (Width)?

    Here ya go
  13. Tube Doors - Ford Performance factory version vs aftermarket?

    1) People trust aftermarket with roll-cages, but not to weld steel tubes for doors? 2) Does ford necessarily crash test every accessory? Sounds like an assumption but what do i know 3) please don’t equip tube doors with your dog if you are unsure how to keep it inside.
  14. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Oh you mean the keypad? I was thinking intelligent access/proximity sensor.
  15. Closeup pics of dark gray MIC top - in sun vs shade

    Jeep is classy? Ooookay
  16. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Keyless entry is an option on Base? Don’t you just get normal key fob unless you upgrade to Mid(which is not in base)?
  17. Footage of the 360 camera view with winch!

    I mean, you’re sticking accessories onto the front of the car, you can’t expect them to engineer for every scenario. Maybe aftermarket bumpers will offer a better solution that won’t obstruct.
  18. Sasquarch roof racks restricted from factory due to issues with GVWR; can still be installed aftermarket

    Are you saying that your insurance company is not going to cover your accident bc they will go an research if your roof rack was illegal or something?
  19. Interior options are ruining my decision

    We are able to opt to delete the accent colors correct, and make the stitching and handles black? I’m not buying any vehicle with blue orange interior accents.
  20. Built Bronco Badlands vs Wrangler Rubicon Side by Side Look

    Nothing contrary to your point, but the downward angle of the stock flares looks like you easily lose an inch of clearance. A flatter flare , similar to sas would seem to help a little.