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  1. How to turn off auto engine stop?

    I believe it is only active on 2H.
  2. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    I upgraded my stock tires to some 285/75r17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. To me it is the perfect size for the truck and what I’ll do with it. If the weather is good I’ll break the tires in in Moab next weekend.
  3. Area 51 Xpel STEALTH PPF Wrapped - Wrapthor

    What did you do with your badges? I am going in for an Xpel wrap on Monday and I am not sure if I should have them pull them and restick, or just cut around them. I originally planned to do the Bronco script badge, but come to find out my wife likes the Badlands sticker.
  4. Resolution on DCH Ford ADM issue

    Both of these threads make me feel even better about my decision to buy from an honest dealership 1,000 miles from my house. My friends thought I was nuts going to Granger, but avoiding this fiasco was more than worth it.
  5. They do attract attention

    I can confirm. I took my race red Badlands to the football tailgate lot on Saturday. What a nightmare getting out of there. Everyone wanted to talk and ask questions. The weirdest though was an older lady (maybe 60 or so), who walked up and said BRONCO and softly caressed it like it was a saint...
  6. Told unable to wait till 2023 for white top

    The good news is you can switch dealers again.
  7. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Mine made it to Granger a week ago today, and made it into my garage last night at midnight. The delivery truck got stuck in Cheyenne for the day, so he asked if he if I cared if he could deliver it at midnight so he could keep going on to California. No issues with me.
  8. BFG KM3 M/T Tires (285/75/17) Fitted on 2021 Bronco Badlands

    Now that you have been running these for a while what is your opinion? Does it feel sluggish at all getting up to freeway speeds and maintaining 80 miles an hour? Any issues running up hills and what not? I am also not a huge fan of the Sasquatch flares and poke so we went with the badlands...
  9. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Well, my truck is officially at the dealership. The Utah Ford dealerships all pretty much suck so I went with Granger. I was originally going to fly out there but my schedule is a little hectic so I am going to ship it. I must be a glutton for punishment to want to go the shipping route again...
  10. Recall Advanced Notice: 2021 Bronco Front Passenger Air Bag Replacement (Demo / Delivery Hold)

    Interesting. My modules populate on 8/13, but my build date shows 9/11. I with aunt I am still affected by this. May be why Ford has moved my delivery date back, and now the Ford tracker says to try again later. With they have shipped it back to the plant if it was in transit?
  11. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Congrats! oh and Ford officially missed their estimated delivery window with mine. The dealer said I was the first one not to hit the estimate. lucky me!
  12. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Looks great. I have an estimated delivery days of 09/24-09/30, so supposedly it should make it to the dealer today. I don't have high hopes. I would guess I am still a week or 2 out.
  13. Bronco Owners Poll: have you had any QC issue?

    11 out 18 have issues? Yikes. I’m starting to get nervous since my dealer is located a few states over.
  14. Toyota publishes "All you need to know" 4Runner vs Bronco comparison video

    Great video. I think that both vehicles are plenty capable of handling what 99% of users will ever use them for. I would love to see a video like this for high speed off roading though. I have a feeling that would really be where the Bronco would shine.
  15. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    Ahh okay, that makes sense. For some reason I thought you were meaning you were flying there this week.
  16. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    You’re a braver man than me. What day are you flying?
  17. Mid Badlands vs Lux Badlands Sasquatch. Differences between the two after 2800 miles.

    I had no problem using Apple Car Play on the small screen I used at the Off Rodeo. The lack of split screen was a pain in the ass though.
  18. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Still undecided. Shipping quotes all seem to be about $1,050, and I figure flying out will run me $500 - $600. A dollar amount is close enough that I’ll just do whatever is most convenient. I am going to wait and decide when the truck gets there. It’s hard to really plan when you don’t know what...
  19. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Interesting. My dates updated from what you show to 9/24-9/30 earlier this week.
  20. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    My rail car was in Kansas City as of 09/22. But I have a feeling my truck was already unloaded. Probably same day as yours since that is the date that Ford updated my expected delivery date. I would guess that it is on a truck somewhere in transit to Granger. When does Ford say yours will be there?