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  1. Badlands Offroad Park

    Did not know that! That also looks like a great place to explore! (y):cool:
  2. Badlands Offroad Park

    Did you know there is a Badlands Offroad Park? :eek: And it has nothing to do with Badlands National Park, or the Badlands Bronco, although I know that at least one 6G Bronco has been here already. :) I have been going to the Badlands trails, which are in west-central Indiana, for over 20 years...
  3. Uwharrie National Forest: Dickey Bell Trail

    Nice job, that is a legit trail for the Bronco. You should check out CarolinaTrailsOffroad on facebook, that's a good group and they go to Uwharrie a fair amount.
  4. Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway

    Part 8, Hell Creek Road. After making some morning repairs and pulling up camp, we drop into Hell Creek Road on our way over towards the main obstacles on Old Fincastle Road.
  5. 2.3 Auto Sasquatch Club

    Anyone towing regularly and/or hauling a lot of payload with this combination yet? If so what are your thoughts?
  6. Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway

    Might be the first Bronco out on the DBBB?! Beautiful with the colors changing!
  7. Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway

    In Part 7, we looped back through Bald Rock Fork and Cave Fork Road. This ended day 1 on the DBBB, and we headed off for camp to get some R&R before tackling day 2 and the next 50 miles of the backcountry loop:
  8. Bronco Badlands vs Wrangler Rubicon -- 2 door comparison & tests

    Good video, I actually prefer the more calm and measured presentation. Probably the best comparison I've seen yet, and these are good real-world examples. The comparison of the traction control on the loose hill was my favorite--the Bronco does seem to have really great traction control, and...
  9. PHEV plug-in hybrid Bronco testing?

    I don't think there's a realistic chance of a 2-door PHEV... I think FordAuthority is just fishing for clicks here.
  10. Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX vs. BFGoodrich AT KO2

    I will give the Goodyear Territories a chance, but lately I've been thinking about what will be my replacement tires for the Sasquatch. In the past I have used Cooper MAXX tires, and they're probably my favorite 4x4 tires ever. Decent road manners, super capable, tough durometer rubber and...
  11. A51 messing with my brain...and eyes!

    I like this color but in certain light it reminds me of a Brute trash can. There was a Jeep color like that a few years back also, I couldn't pick it because of that. 😬
  12. What an Antenna?

    This. In the parking garage, clang clang, hit the brakes. In the drive-thru or through your garage door, clang clang, back it on up. Hit a branch on the trail, clang clang, grit your teeth and prepare for pinstriping 😬😬😬
  13. Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway

    Badlands is definitely your best bet for experimenting close by. You can make that as easy or difficult as you want. A great way to get going there is to start off playing around in the "dunes", and as you get more comfortable with the capabilities of the car, and more familiar with the layout...
  14. Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway

    Hey thank you! So glad you are finding them useful. If you are in the area, then Redbird SRA is also a good place to go in addition to Badlands/Attica. Badlands has more varied terrain, but Redbird's trails are more well defined. Both are great for Jeeps/Broncos. 😎
  15. Towing Yamaha SX195 with 2.3L Black Diamond Bronco

    Thanks for the report on this setup. I had been seriously considering the 2.3 as I'd been previously looking at Rangers with that engine. Ended up going with the 2.7 after seeing TFL's towing test with the 2.7 and 35's going through the Eisenhower tunnel on I70. It did not seem to break a...
  16. Fridge slide mount in the trunk

    Besides the Goose plate and slide, I saw TrailRecon covered this DeeZee plate and slide system at SEMA. I have an ARB Classic 50L and noticed that it fits perfectly with the height of the tailgate in the Bronco. If you could get a slim enough plate and slide, you might even be able to slide...
  17. Bronco vs Ranger - cabin size and ride height ?

    Almost bought a Ranger but I barely fit in it headroom-wise. The Bronco has much more headroom in both the front and rear seats. Bronco feels quite a bit more roomy inside to me, especially with the soft top.
  18. Wavy leather seats

    Very similar to how the leather looks in the 5G Ranger. Not great and it does seem to be a Ford thing with the leather.
  19. Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway

    Part 6, Big Sinking Creek Trail & Road to Hell Creek. At this point we were well into our first 50 miles on the Byway loop, and nearing the end of the first day. These particular trails are not marked on many maps, and it helps to have the official digital DBBB map, a GPS, and perhaps the Gaia...
  20. My bronco is covered in rock chips already. DIY mod to avoid rock chips

    I have used Monstaliner in the past with a lot of success. If you want a DIY option for bedlining the rocker, it can be easily applied with a foam brush or a roller, as long as the prep is good. If you have the ability to use a spray-on, Raptor U-Pol is also excellent. But I have rolled on...