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  1. My Bronco sucks off-road! Terrible rock chips after 80 miles on county dirt roads.

    I’m getting different tires and mud flaps asap , sucks but what’s got to be done
  2. Dealer wants 15k over sticker now that my bronco arrived

    They would get there teeth nocked down there throat , fn dirt bags. Honestly I wouldn’t give them a dime of your money and nobody else with half a sack should either. Screwing people that have waited and actually reserved is the lowest of the low. Mark up your regular dealer stock all u want or...
  3. Why are y'all not doing the Bronco Wave?

    I believe so lol
  4. Why are y'all not doing the Bronco Wave?

    I agree ,enough of that crap, I as well wont be doing any wave! Have had subaru and jeeps , not starting it with this one.
  5. To the designer of the Sasquatch tires

    I had a wrangler and it didn’t throw rocks like this , not even close . These tires are bad for rocks ,like real bad
  6. My bronco is covered in rock chips already. DIY mod to avoid rock chips

    Ok 90 then maybe 91 Who cares , tires suck
  7. My bronco is covered in rock chips already. DIY mod to avoid rock chips

    Yes there gonna need to switch brands. sucks to pay this money for a off road truck and wreck it in a week. Or pay right off the bat to swap them out
  8. My bronco is covered in rock chips already. DIY mod to avoid rock chips

    Nothing to do with rims , mine are stock and does the same thing it’s 100 percent the tires, literally throw rocks like no other
  9. My bronco is covered in rock chips already. DIY mod to avoid rock chips

    These goodyears suck for throwing rocks the worst I’ve ever seen, I went down 2 miles of gravel and heard at least 50 rocks thrown hard at the truck if I hadn’t put on running boards I’d have chips and dents all over. Still managed one good chip. But going to have to switch them out
  10. Area 51 Xpel STEALTH PPF Wrapped - Wrapthor

    Looks good , need to get this done these tires suck for picking up and throwing rocks , went down one gravel and got a chip , would probably have 50 if not for steps I put on . Might switch tires as well , these are just plain bad for it
  11. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    Picture of mine on the end of the line
  12. Combat Green Textured Wrap Bronco

    I Like it all but the orange , Ford should have went with a green like this instead of that fugly one they are using on the 22
  13. Washout Floors - a Closer Look

    Glad I switched mine to leather with carpet and power seats , was fine in all my Jeep’s , that rubber flooring always looks dirty ,never liked it much
  14. 📒 Latest 2022 Bronco Order Guide Released (Updated Monthly) + Price List

    With steel prices up 90 percent from beginning of 2021 i don't see how all cars don’t cost 25percent or more than they did last year?
  15. This is the worst dealer I have seen yet

    Seriously if I had a $1000 down of my own money and waited all that time and had a purchase agreement and they pulled this crap. I would have driven whatever I drove there right into that new bronco at 50mph. This crap has to stop . Dude how you didn’t go off the deep end I have no idea
  16. Finally received my bronco

    Fargo, got it last Monday , awesome! Lovin it so far
  17. Rendered Illustration of Ford Raptor

    They should even build one of these till every pre order regular bronco is built and delivered!
  18. Rendered Illustration of Ford Raptor

    With the prices of steel through the roof I wouldn’t be surprised to see all vehicles 10k to 20k higher next year . I will bet these are 80k easy
  19. Installed the Rhino Dominator D6 tube steps on my Badlands Bronco

    Gonna be quad , mines on the train and already got the running boards laying in the garage . Looks killer