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  1. Not Jeep A51 WT - Houston Sunset

    Some pictures of my A51 WT after some ceramic coating in the warm November Houston sunset.
  2. Ford Bronco Accessory / Parts Deal -- B6G Forum Members ONLY

    @flip - Just ordered some more Bronco parts from you this morning. Big savings compared to my local dealer! Thanks again!
  3. Are these doors finicky as hell, or am I simple?

    My drivers door has to closed very hard. All other doors are pretty good. The passenger door window shakes every time it opens. First year issues that will probably have TSBs for a fix later on.
  4. Lethal Performance's First Edition 4 Door Hard Top in Lightning Blue is HERE!!

    Take my money. I ordered a BOV adapter. :)
  5. They do attract attention

    I like Ferrari’s. I owned a Gated F430 and sold it for a nice profit in December. This meet is at Catalina Coffee near Downtown on Washington Blvd. Its every Sunday morning and brings out lots of interesting cars. Its between Studemont and Houston ave. Ill be back this Sunday. 2201 Washington Ave.
  6. They do attract attention

    These were there too.The Gt owner has one on order too!
  7. They do attract attention

    Unfortunately No, I’ve actually met the guy a while back. He owns at least 4 or 5 very rare and nice Ferrari’s. Each one has a colorful history and he drives the shit out of them. Very nice guy. Let’s people get inside and play around. Great car guy. I was the only Bronco there and had...
  8. They do attract attention

    Went to a car meet in Houston. Lots of love…until that red car showed up. :) It is a 3 million $ F40 so…
  9. Zone lightning video

    Not sure. Trying to look for the answer.
  10. Zone lightning video

    It’s not. Haha. Last visited place. Window tint. But thank you!
  11. Zone lightning video

    Here is a crappy video of Zone Lighting Wildtrak Lux package.
  12. Target has Broncos!!

    If only my kids were younger.
  13. I’ve had more than one person think my Bronco is a Jeep…

    That’s why I got these. :)
  14. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    Built 9/16 and delivered 10/16.
  15. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    When you take your new Bronco to its first car show and it gets all the attention. Then a super rare F40 shows up and steels all the thunder.