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  1. How is this possible?!

    Yes my order was resubmitted for 2022 model
  2. How is this possible?!

    Reservation date 7/15/20 Order date 2/04/21 AND NOTHING SINCE
  3. Another 4door Badlands 2.7 - Area51 SAS

    That is exactly the set up I ordered, and it looks damn good!
  4. Reservation program ends for the Bronco - No NEW Reservations

    Bummer! But not surprising. I would have liked to see an IFS pick up with the option to remove doors/tops. Could have been a real contender to the Gladiator, but I understand why they would scrap it. Guess my Gladiator will be a one of a kind type vehicle! Just watch, in 30-50 years people...
  5. I just saw this!!!!!! Why?????

    Just wait for the Bronco version of angry eyes! Could be opposite with the Bronco, like sad eyes?
  6. Second thoughts on A51

    I was torn between 3 colors, I mean really torn, until I had the chance to see them all in person. As soon as I saw Area51, I KNEW that was the choice for me. Every time I see an a51 sport on the road I’m love stricten. So if you saw it and were turned off, you know it’s not the color for you.
  7. Surprise Bronco Reveal Update: Tires and Wheels Mounted and Balanced!

    Man I love the wheels and you rock! I can’t wait to watch the reveal video! All haste to your delivery my friend, everyone else’s be damned :LOL:
  8. *UPDATE* What NOT TO DO when reinstalling doors. PSA: put a bolt in first or risk dent

    I scratched my brand new gladiator the first time I put the doors back on too. Definitely a learning experience and shit WILL happen!
  9. 4WP Fender Deletes + 2” Level Kit + 35s on Bronco Black Diamond.

    dude, I love the look of that!
  10. First 24 hrs in my Badlands Sasquatch 4dr 2.7L Velocity Blue Soft Top (w/ Rear Cargo Enclosure review)

    I love your attitude sir! That's one awesome rig, hope you thoroughly enjoy it for years to come!
  11. Day 1 With 4Dr Badlands- Week 1 Updates

    Awesome man, very happy for you! Assuming you have MGV, can you just confirm there is no armrest and/or cupholders in the back seat?
  12. centra28


    that's a great looking combo, congrats!
  13. A note to the 4-door brigade: We get it already!!!!!

    I’m waiting for the Bronco limo
  14. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    I understand! TBH I cannot say there is a Bronco that I don't like, it's a very cool vehicle!
  15. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    39 and 4 door 4 life! Personally I don't like the look of the 2 door at all. I respect everyone else's opinion on the matter but that is mine. I think that it looks like a little baby buggy. I would NEVER EVER purchase a 2 door EVER. I feel that you are restricting yourself on comfort and...
  16. What happened to the slide out tail gate?!

    what about the dash rail mount?