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  1. 0-60 mph test for 2.3L Bronco with 7-speed manual by TFL

    But I will say on a drag strip SBV3 would give you a faster launch off the line via throttle response time. You can dial in which setting hooks up best off the line and then ur good to go.
  2. 0-60 mph test for 2.3L Bronco with 7-speed manual by TFL

    Never said SBV3 shaved 1 second off 0-60 times. Just said it would potentially help you drop a full second off if on a RACE TRACK...not a drag strip. It kicks ass. Simple but effective. If you like to drive you will appreciate its value. Try it out. Or dont. Doesnt matter to me.
  3. Weird tinny tail gate creaks? Made new extended bump stops!

    Thanks. Im thinking its either license plate bracket, plastic trim on the inside of tailgate or something behind that "accessory ready" trim piece or something inside the cargo bin..
  4. Closing the Hood

    My wife use to be one of Ford top service writers/advisors from 2012-2017. More on this at the end.. We noticed our bronco hood wasn't lining up flush with the fender/driver side marker. The hood sitting a tad low towards the front driver side slope. Passenger side fine. You do notice bc your...
  5. ARCHETYPE RACING | BAM-BYODR (Billet Aluminum Modular Bring Your Own Device Rail)

    If I had a bolt that thread size I would try to help. But I dont. Sorry. The tilt does make sense. I wouldn't be surprised if Ford angled the mount port in a way so it angles the camera down giving you a better view of the road vs the sky. This two cents coming off about 3 years of me installing...

    Thank You!! Awesome. Sounds like the SBD is a key feature to have. I also liked hearing you didnt care for the trail turn assist or one other feature bc others have been trying to sell me on an automatic bc of it. However, the one pedal does does fun, just not needed on a manual bc we have one...

    I didnt know WT didnt have sway bar disconnect like my BL. Can you pls explain more about the articulation you saw/experienced between the WT without SBD vs BL with SWB.
  8. Defective Easy Fill Mechanism For Bronco

    Just put gas in my new bronco first time yesterday. Zero issues. I will pay attention to this next time I fill for any obstructions when inserting gas nozzle. If nothing, Im not gonna worry about this crap ever again haha. I had easy fill on my 2012 Raptor years ago issues. I don't...
  9. MIC 2.0 (?) Hardtop Closeup Pics on 2021 Bronco

    Haha. Both tops have their pros and cons. Ill give you that.. I had a 1991 jeep with soft top that sat uncovered outside 24/7 365 for 15 years at 8200ft elevation many miles from any paved road high in the Colorado rocky mountains. The soft top kicked ass and the cabin of the Jeep was always...
  10. MIC 2.0 (?) Hardtop Closeup Pics on 2021 Bronco

    Haha. Well. Im not some wussy millennial. I will tell anyone to their face that the MIC 2.0, at least the one in this thread, has sections that look like shit. Sorry. True. For anyone thats dont care and just want your damn bronco and I dont blame any of you. But after saying the...
  11. Starting life with a 4dr Badlands Sasquatch - an owner's review

    No threadjack. Just asking questions. If anyone gets butt hurt here over that, fuck em. The electric e-brake is just easier. I first tried it in my accord and its great + in that car its right by the D button vs hidden under dash. I use my ebrakes all the time even in automatic cars to give...
  12. Blackstone Laboratories Oil Report - 2.3L Engine @ 2500 miles

    Uhhhh it got caked up in my filter haha. My old FJ had an OEM pre-filter built into the air box that helped a lot. Ford should do this... A pre-filter sock always really helps filter out dust/sand before it even hits the filter here in desert-if K&N is exposed vs in a box. I used both K&N...
  13. MIC 2.0 (?) Hardtop Closeup Pics on 2021 Bronco

    That is crazy. Some folks Ive seen order Q2 2021 or switch to soft and 2-3 months max for delivery.
  14. MIC 2.0 (?) Hardtop Closeup Pics on 2021 Bronco

    Sorry. But the New MIC 2.0 top looks crappy. Just get the soft top guys. Whats more important, hard surface top or your BRONCO?? Soft kicks ass. Get hard top later. Soft is great, Especially in person. Not flimsy, good in winter and if any spots are a little flims you won't notice and you def...
  15. Grab bar locations

    Chiming in on this. Im not messing with airbags. I was gonna order poison spi grab handles but nowhere to put em. Wife and I want 2 more grab handles even though we are pretty satisfied with current grabs. Im doing R&D on black diamond plate to fit in between driver and passenger windows...
  16. New sticker for the hidden roll bar bottle opener

    I'm actually going to use a strip of grip tape to protect the paint around the bottle opener.
  17. New sticker for the hidden roll bar bottle opener

    That's what meant, only the cool ones get bottle opener lmao. JK. But really. That blows for 2 doors. There's gotta be one somewhere on the 2 door..
  18. New sticker for the hidden roll bar bottle opener

    Well then I will need to buy a tiny bit of touch up paint for the underside nobody ever see's haha. Probably a plate I can build around it to protect paint on a lazy winter Sunday fast approaching.