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  1. The one view I don't like - Driver's forward view

    The corners of the hood don’t rise up. The centre of the hood is dropped down. This is for increased forward visibility.
  2. Taking Bronco Offline - disconnecting cellular / telematics connectivity (Technical Discussion, Please)

    i Under Settings/Connectivity/Connected Vehicle Features then turn Vehicle Connectivity off.
  3. 🛠 11/1/21 Build Week Group

    Even if you don't get emails, you should be able to follow it's progress (somewhat) with the aem services link.
  4. 🛠 11/1/21 Build Week Group

    Mine was built on Nov 5th and shipped on the 7th.
  5. Zone Lighting over 5mph?

    Just hit the button for the mirror lights.
  6. 🛠 11/1/21 Build Week Group

    Mine came home with me last night. I put about 60 km on her. I am extremely happy! It was a very different drive to work this morning. Paid MSRP minus the $750 “thanks for being patient” from Ford of Canada. Still no status update emails or assembly line photo but whatever, she’s mine now.
  7. Part Number for Sunvisor with Homelink

    Just get a Homelink transmitter from the junkyard and put it wherever you want. It's just a "dumb" remote control that only needs power.
  8. Hood dent on my new Bronco

    I picked up my Bronco from the dealer yesterday. The paintless dent lady believes that it was caused by an excessive amount of panel bond that is pulling part of the hood down to the cross brace where it shouldn't be. She removed some of the glue and did a good job at fixing it. It looks like it...
  9. 🛠 11/1/21 Build Week Group

    This is the screen that shows how much gas you have.
  10. Book Mark Promised Ford Pass and Rodeo For Bronco Purchase.

    My $750 "thanks for being patient" discount was already applied when I went to pick up my Bronco.
  11. Broken windshield

    I just added the Bronco to my policy, with windshield insurance ($50 deductible for replacement, $25 for chip repair). Interestingly enough, the annual premium is less than what I am paying for my 2010 F-350 without windshield coverage.
  12. Some Broncos at my local dealer, one has paint defects.

    Those look like rub marks that happened in transport.
  13. 🛠 11/1/21 Build Week Group

    I clicked activate too soon but when the dealer went to do the PDI, the mechanic must have hit accept.
  14. My Bronco sucks off-road! Terrible rock chips after 80 miles on county dirt roads.

    Bronco6G: Drives on gravel road, gets mad because gravel doesn't say on the ground.
  15. 🛠 11/1/21 Build Week Group

    I thought so too.
  16. Dent in hood when purchased. Is this a common spot?

    Mine has it in the same spot too. Not nearly as bad as yours though.
  17. Hood dent on my new Bronco

    Hmm... that's in the exact same spot. @Ford Motor Company I wonder if the carriage that moves the hoods around is out of adjustment and pressing down too hard.