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  1. Hello from Massachusetts

    Hello from Templeton! My MY22 VB 2dr Saslands is scheduled for 12/13. You got yours! I hate you.
  2. Bronco Zamboni, on a Bronco ad. Priceless.
  3. Fender flare idea!

    Looks like the lead paint chip-eating younger brother of Lamborghini's LM002
  4. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    It's a short term capital gain. A long term capital gain is if you owned what you are selling for over 3 years. In any case, if you make a profit on your purchase, the government will also make a profit off of you.
  5. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    How is it tax free? You'd need to pay capital gains if you sold a car for a profit....
  6. Welcome to the Chit Show @dealerinsider

    @swanjonson and @BigSteveO, I agree on the NE club! I got my VIN from my order at Chapman and am waiting for the next steps! I plan on flying down to PA, grab the Bronco and then make it up to Warren County in NJ to visit the 'rents before driving up on back roads. I suggest going through...
  7. Rain: New Hampshire Off-Rodeo 10/30/21

    Like your avatar! I sold my '16 Stealth Grey RS last year! Loved that thing...
  8. Rain: New Hampshire Off-Rodeo 10/30/21

    Ah yes, good catch. Dinner was buffet. But in any case, I didn't mind the lack of campfire.
  9. Rain: New Hampshire Off-Rodeo 10/30/21

    I went back on Labor Day weekend and it rained the night before and rained the afternoon/evening I was there. The rain aided in making conditions more treacherous (read: better) for the off-roadeo since I was there to learn how to deal with conditions like that. My campfire/cookout was...
  10. 🛠 12/13/21 Build Week Group

    Just got the email that my 2-door Badlands, 2.7L, SAS, Lux, Towing Package is scheduled for week of 12/13! This is my first email regarding production, so I won't get too excited until I get the 8th reschedule email from Ford in March '22 or so.
  11. What does "ford cv lot management" on DORA mean?

    I was told by my dealer that it's a charge for all "connected" Ford vehicles, starting on October 1.
  12. 2022 Invoice Prices?

    Happy to help a fellow masshole!
  13. 2022 Invoice Prices?
  14. Bronco vacation woes

  15. Anyone put in a second order for something else?

    I put in a reservation for the INEOS Grenadier. I'm not in a huge hurry either way...
  16. Do you get MY21 prices on MY22 if you deferred?

    I deferred and got the email from Ford about the price protection, so I assume the answer is yes.
  17. Brand new 2021 model in 2022?

    They have to change over sometime...
  18. Shots fired guys….

    I would have parked on the white line so they would have to Dukes of Hazzard that crap or get in from the passenger side. On the other hand, great way to advertise the Bronco at the same time telling folks that they aren't a fan. Probably is doing the exact opposite of what they intended...