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  1. Thinking about ordering a Rivian R1S...

    Here's a video comparing the environmental impact of keeping your old car vs buying a new EV. The cliff notes version is that unless your existing car gets around 40 mpg, you'll almost certainly have less environmental impact buying the EV. Obviously, this is even more favorable to the EV if...
  2. Ford Wants To Compete With Tesla, But Its Dealers Are Getting In The Way

    Market share numbers can be misleading. If Tesla sales are going up but market share is going down because there are new players in the market, then that's not a bad sign for Tesla at all. And Tesla is selling more cars than they ever have right now. And as the old adage goes - competition is...
  3. The Bronco Pickup has been cancelled ❌

    I think that's exactly the point. Gladiators have been more easily available than competitive vehicles which may be making raw sales numbers misleading. Doing an autotrader search of new vehicles within 300 miles of here shows significantly more inventory of Gladiators than mid size trucks from...
  4. The Bronco Pickup has been cancelled ❌

    The first local Jeep dealer I looked up has 53 Gladiators in stock with discounts up to $3k off sticker. My preferred Ford dealer has 12 Rangers listed, all in transit (i.e. nothing on the lot). Anecdotal, but might be a clue why the numbers look like that.
  5. Interesting Article About Ford's Ideal Ordering Model

    Yeah, I definitely don't think prices will go down, or at the very least it won't seem as if you're getting a better deal. Carvana's prices have always been a bit higher than traditional dealerships and they are largely responsible for the ballooning of used car prices in the last year (during...
  6. Interesting Article About Ford's Ideal Ordering Model

    I think if you could configure your vehicle online and walk into a dealership with a build sheet and a check, a lot of people would do it. Carvana and it's copycats have been increasingly taking used car market share away from traditional dealerships for awhile - even before the Apacolypse...
  7. [TFL] Do I Regret Buying My Brand New Jeep Wrangler After Living With The New Ford Bronco For a Week?

    You literally ignored what I said. It's not about some arbitrary definition of drivability, it's about how it compares to other vehicles you can buy, and in that regard, it's the worst.
  8. [TFL] Do I Regret Buying My Brand New Jeep Wrangler After Living With The New Ford Bronco For a Week?

    One could say they don't mind the Wrangler's steering, but to say it is good or simply not bad lacks context. I believe if you lined up the Wrangler next to a host of new vehicles that weren't heavy duty trucks or commercial vehicles, almost everyone would say the Wrangler is the worst. Whether...
  9. [TFL] Do I Regret Buying My Brand New Jeep Wrangler After Living With The New Ford Bronco For a Week?

    I think people are mostly arguing past each other in this thread. Ultimately, the problem with this video is the clickbait title and disingenuous argument it presents. Tommy decided when he was shopping for his Jeep that he didn't want to wait for a Bronco, and therefore a Bronco was never...
  10. 2 door base Sasquatch 2.3 vs. 2.7?

    My general thoughts is that you might regret the 2.3, you won't regret the 2.7 no matter what. In the grand scheme, 1800 clams is not that much on a 40k vehicle. Eat ramen for lunch for a month if you are worried about the cash.
  11. Losing my mind! BB or BD

    The obsession with aesthetic minutia like lights and grills is weird to me. You touch the interior literally every time you use the vehicle. How is that not exponentially more important?
  12. Badlands the highest trim, what?

    Every single trim has a specific combination of features you can't get on any other trim, Wildtrak included. Carpeted interior+Sport and Baja mode+unique graphics are more important than sway bar disconnect and marine vinyl to some but not all. Wildtrak is the most expensive without options but...
  13. Ground clearance

    They will be comparable but slightly less than Wrangler. Close enough to be irrelevant. Like half inch or so, or less. Ignore the Base and it's baby tires.
  14. Call your shot: B&P surprises

    There will be no prices on it until December.
  15. Ground clearance

    Jeep says the Sport models have 9.7" of ground clearance, math says a Big Bend should have 9.3" or 9.4". That's an inconsequential difference.
  16. Ground clearance

    The tires on a Sport are 1.4" taller than Base Bronco. Swap out to equal sized tires and the difference will be inconsequential, although the Jeep will still be a little more.
  17. Ground clearance

    Yeah, there's no way they're measuring from rear diff or shock mounts, as neither should move up and down due to lift. That's why front skids make the most sense. I suspect there's some gamesmanship with the measurements to outdo Jeep, but it's not something we should get hung up on. We know for...
  18. Ground clearance

    No, all models have same Dana 44 in the rear, with or without Squatch.
  19. Ground clearance

    Measured tire sizes are 34.4" and 30.1" and we've specifically been told the Squatch has 1" lift. Rear diff is a common measuring point because it's typically larger and therefore lower, even on SFA. The point is there is no industry standard for advertised ground clearance, they can basically...
  20. What will factory tint be like?

    When I has in high school, a friend of mine had a legal aftermarket tint on his car and got pulled over and was given a ticket because the cop said it looked too dark. He went to court to fight the ticket with proof it was legal and the judge basically told him to pound salt and upheld the...