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  1. ICON 3" Level Lift Spacer Kit

    There is this disclaimer on the Icon website: Recommended Aftermarket Tires (With Sasquatch Package): 37" x 12.50" (May require fender trimming and modifications)
  2. ICON 3" Level Lift Spacer Kit

    I definitely appreciate all the information you provided here and that's on the Icon website - with tire and wheel fitment to go along with this lift. (y) and especially this... "No ball joint over extension or bind"
  3. TrailRax Pak Rax for the Ford Bronco!

    Good point. My current hitch bike-mount doesn’t play nice with the swing out tailgate - so looking for other options. I will be a costumer for this product either way but would be awesome if a bike mount could work. 🙏🏼
  4. TrailRax Pak Rax for the Ford Bronco!

    Need one of these with a bike mount add-on!
  5. Baja Designs A-Pillar Light Kit Giveaway!

    Thanks! 🤞
  6. BroncoDR teaser by Jim Farley - "Coming in hot."

    You might be on to something.... next rally is Jan. 2022
  7. Ford Pod Mirror Light M-15200K-BML. Install and info

    I didn't take a picture so I don't have 'proof' but I looked for it when I was pre-wiring it and the white wire was there - at least it was on mine.
  8. c2one

    Central TX Bronco Club

    I might be down - day trip or camp? I'd be coming up from SA.
  9. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Get that thing outside with some outdoor pictures! Please.
  10. Do Bronco Owners Enjoy Their Celebrity Status?

    Have had a few people walk up as soon as I get out, ask a few questions and walk around it. I never mind taking time. This weekend was on another level - went to a college football game this weekend and got there early to tailgate. We got there early enough to get a good central spot. Over a...
  11. My wireless charger is not ideal

    I just downsized my phone to an iPhone mini - with the phone being light it moves around a lot more. I rarely use the wireless charger now.
  12. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Down at the river this weekend.
  13. Ford Pod Mirror Light M-15200K-BML. Install and info

    The lights I ordered had the white -back light - wire…. It just wasn’t exposed but if you cut the wire wrap you’d see it. At least on the pod lights I got.
  14. Did I Just Find New Roof Options in the B&P??!!

    There will be a 2-door option. I really like how this looks on the 2 door.
  15. I did a thing tonight...'64 C10 love.

    Clean! I have a ‘64 C10 sitting in my garage!
  16. Water leaking from A-pillar airbag cover in heavy rain

    I agree. I’ll just add, in my opinion, rain like testing has not been tested on a soft top. High pressure water testing is not equal to heavy down pour. The failure in design is the lack of capability to handle large amounts of water - not necessarily water applied at high pressure. It seems...
  17. Water leaking from A-pillar airbag cover in heavy rain

    Just adding my experience as well… heavy rain - leak on driver side.
  18. RIGID x FORD 4" pod lights full install *** DIY VIDEO ***

    I am sure every dealer will quote different but I was quoted $300 to have the pod lights and mesh Bimini top installed at $75/hour. Ended up just doing it myself. There is a third white wire that is used for the backlight. It’s just not exposed - but it’s in there - at least it was on mine.