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  1. My Unexpected Arrival

    Looks Black to me.
  2. Made it to day 3 but the honeymoon is over .... EPS System Failure

    Recall on the way for loose fuse panel mounting hardware.
  3. Mic 2.0 different colors?

    How? There is no QC.
  4. Mic 2.0 different colors?

    It's the new Tutone option.
  5. Hello from Massachusetts

    Did they leave a gear out?
  6. HB Ford has 6 First Editions on lot w/ $50k ADM

    Not a M F'ing chance of that happening with me. Z-plan here for me and I'm in the midwest.
  7. Friday build woes. My Bronco delivered with unpainted tailgate and fuel door

    Looks like Michigan Assembly is going back to the 1970's era quality standards. Where's the pride in their work? Pretty sad.
  8. 3,600 miles - Should the front axles have this kind of rust already?

    Sure! Just keep beating a dead horse. Someone needs to invent a non corrosive steel and cast iron. "Come on Man!"
  9. 500 days since reservation club!

    488 club here.Not that it really matters to anyone,( including Ford). 😏🙂
  10. Happy Thanksgiving for some Granger customers

    Decent sized herd of horses there.
  11. Finally have the keys!

    Enjoy your long awaited Bronco. :)
  12. Hello from Minnesota

  13. No Bronco Scheduling Next Week (11/29)

    Give that person a prize!! 👽
  14. [TFL] Racking Up Thousands of $$ In Damage In Just A Few Seconds: Bronco vs. 4Runner Collab Misadventure!

    Not going to bother watching. Cost is 0$. They make money at this game.
  15. No Bronco Scheduling Next Week (11/29)

    I have it from a good source...They are banking parts for when the line starts back up.
  16. $1K Bronco Customer Satisfaction is a SHAM!!

    I'll trade you my hammock for your Bronco.:D
  17. Dealer wants 15k over sticker now that my bronco arrived

    He told them to ram it up their ass full tilt.
  18. Dealer wants 15k over sticker now that my bronco arrived

    Hopefully it will cost them more $$$$$$ in the future than they tried to screw you out of. Advertise as much as you can to their detriment.