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  1. Is Bronco soft top supposed to seal on the sides?

    I do. I wasn't told not to do that.... I figure if it can get pollen, bird poo, and rain then it can handle some soap and water. But yes, it has held up to it just fine. I've only done it a few times though.
  2. Is Bronco soft top supposed to seal on the sides?

    I flip back the front of the soft top on an almost daily basis. Mine looks like this all the time. Seems normal and I can still take it through a car wash without any water getting inside.
  3. Dent in hood when purchased. Is this a common spot?

    Yes, this is definitely a common issue. My dealer ended up fixing mine most of the way. If you have photos from the day you bought it that show the dent you can probably get them to fix it for free. Love the Rapid Red by the way.
  4. ICON 3" Level Lift Spacer Kit

    Do you have photos or videos of it on a Sasquatch running 37s? I'd be interested
  5. BREAKING: Seperate Bronco Raptor Ordering System Reportedly Underway

    I think what the submitter is implying is that after Ford jerked us reservation holders around so long, it would have been a nice gesture for Ford to open the Raptor ordering to existing Bronco res holders first.
  6. Roush Bronco R Series Kit - Pre Order Now Available

    you had me at Certificate of Authenticity....
  7. Texas WTB: AMB OBX flares

    Is anyone selling a set of Antimatter Blue OBX flares? I have a 4-door Sasquatch, but want the smaller profile fenders.
  8. Suprise Bronco Reveal, Please help me get it built

    I'd watch this live from Austin Texas if anyone puts it on Youtube.
  9. Bronc Buster AKA “broken Bronco” running 40’s on 2” lift

    I for one appreciate the fact that you are pushing the envelope of mods. You said you cut the fenders in 4", did you have to cut into the rear door at all? Can I see a shot of that area?
  10. Orange Wrap. 3.5" Rough Country Lift. 37" Toyo Tires. 17" Black Rhino Wheels. 🖤🙏🏽🧡

    I love it. So, was your Bronco a Sasquatch originally and you added that lift? I'd love to do the exact same thing.
  11. ATX_Bronco

    Central TX Bronco Club

    Very cool. I'd love to see them close up at an angle if you have a pic.
  12. Dent in hood when purchased. Is this a common spot?

    Update: The dealership is fixing it today. They gave me their mannequin as a loaner. An Area 51 Big Bend Sasquatch that rattles like a MFer. From what I can tell, the rattle is coming from the tailgate fold down table.
  13. How to Re-Apply Factory Badging?

    I'm interested in how this turns out. I want to put the script badge on there and move the Badlands badge down a few inches.
  14. The Eagle has landed!

    What size are the tires?
  15. Hard top prep kit missing?

    Here is the prep kit on my Bronco built on October 10th. Sorry to say, but it looks like yours is missing it. Or, maybe it is tucked in somewhere by the rollbar??
  16. 2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks SUV - $80,991 (San Antonio) * and other resellers….

    Interesting...I wonder if prices are stabilizing..
  17. [VIDEO] My Bronco makes this weird electronic sound every-time I open the Driver Door.

    I have had mine for over a week now and haven't heard that sound. You're talking about the high pitched creak right?
  18. Dent in hood when purchased. Is this a common spot?

    After looking at old pics I can see that it was there when I bought it. I was overjoyed with the Bronco and clearly didn't notice the little details. I wish it had been a scorned lover, that at least would have been a good story.