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  1. HB Ford has 6 First Editions on lot w/ $50k ADM

    California gets awesomer every day, doesn’t it?
  2. Y'all Are More Patient Than Me (Defender v. Bronco Comparison)

    Nice ride man, and yes, the wait is getting old. Mine was supposedly blended a month ago, but the tracker says in production. Estimated delivery date was also yesterday…?
  3. Now I have seen it all! $250k Buy-It-Now Ebay For Outer Banks 4-Door

    He probably meant to list in Trinidad and Tobago dollars. That’s about $37,000 US…I’m sure that was it.
  4. Many vehicles currently over MSRP

    Ahh yes, more evidence that everything’s better in California. Prop 65 Warning: reading that post is known to the super wise and very-concerned-about-us state of California to cause cancer.
  5. I've been ducked!

    The whole process thus far has me feeling a little ducked sometimes.
  6. There are so few MIC hard tops made. Why Ford doesn't consider 2 door soft top.

    Psst, the soft tops and their wrinkly windows are kinda ugly. I will now seek shelter.
  7. Bronc Buster AKA “broken Bronco” running 40’s on 2” lift

    With you about the looks of the 4d. The proportions are just wrong, but the 2d gets it right. You lost me when you said the Jeep looks 10x better though…🤨.
  8. The Dmv

    Bayou Bronco Club

    Oct 29th, estimated delivery Nov 27th.
  9. The Dmv

    Bayou Bronco Club

    Has anyone taken delivery at Hub City Ford in Lafayette yet? Mine is due at the end of the month and I had a couple questions. Thanks!
  10. Hard top Folks wishing they got a Soft Top?

    Haven’t actually gotten my hard top yet, but don’t like the softie…loud and ugly. But hey, that worked for Liberace.
  11. Dealerships Starting to Receive Stock Broncos

    Well, there goes the neighborhood.
  12. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    Right. But unless those pictures are doctored, the edges look like poop. And they’re brand new, or certainly new enough to be expected to not look like poop…no?
  13. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    Yeah, I just hope mine‘s ok. If not, maybe I could just get a replacement when the problems are fixed. Yeesh, what a mess.
  14. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    So what exactly happens if I say I don’t want the car because of top issues? Where do I go in line then and what happens to my Bronco? Here’s my guess…no one has a freaking clue. I bet it gets sold out from under me the next hour, signed agreement or no. I’ll take a little issue and try to have...
  15. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    They better fix that crap, mine gets blended day after tomorrow!!! I’d still take that top over a soft top. I really would.
  16. So Am I Crazy?

    I would absolutely sell if I could get $20-$30k. Like, immediately.