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  1. For those of us that still have a MIC on order... here's recent feedback

    Add one more: - Can’t mount a roof rack on a soft top.

    I’m going with the gray Carhartt covers on my Badlands. At the Vegas Off-Rodeo on a 72 degree day the Black Diamond MGV seats were comfortable and we didn’t sweat but on a 95 to 100 degree Northern NV day the MGV seats will be hotter than the light blue/gray seats on my Ranger boat and even with...
  3. Diesel motor for the Ranger maybe Bronco too .

    Really? Here are several Ranger and Bronco like vehicles with Diesel engines: GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado with 2.8 liter Duramax Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator with 3.0 liter diesel Not saying a diesel Ranger or Bronco will happen but if it doesn’t it won’t be because of state taxes.
  4. My Bronco sucks off-road! Terrible rock chips after 80 miles on county dirt roads.

    It’s an off-road vehicle that’s meant to get dents, dings, scratches and chips. If you don’t like that stuff then buy a standard SUV for crying out loud. If I ever get mine that bitch is go8ng to get brush scratches the first day!
  5. How many 2021 2-door Broncos were made?

    That’s my build! Probably the only time I’ll see it within the next 9 months….. Congratulations to you though!
  6. No Bronco Scheduling Next Week (11/29)

    Sex as in getting jerked around? F’d but not kissed? Both or none of the above???:LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO:
  7. No Bronco Scheduling Next Week (11/29)

    Based on observation it seems obvious Ford schedules 3 to 4 weeks of production when they schedule. Then a week or two later they take another week to refine the schedule of previously scheduled orders. Why would any rational person expect Ford to schedule production more than every 3 - 4 weeks...
  8. LOD Offroad is in the house!

    Damn sweet bumper! Flat towing compatible so I’m in like Flynn if and when my Badlands ever gets scheduled.
  9. Bronco 'Scheduling Sort' - As Advertised ?

    I think people are overthinking this and giving Ford to much credit for creativity. The dealer walk in market can be easily supported by dealers creating buildable stock orders against their allocations. This is what they’d do to sell Broncos when they have reservation based orders that can’t be...
  10. Why I’m Okay with Waiting

    It sucks and I want a Bronco but for me it’s a toy that I’ll use for hunting, adventures and towing behind the motorhome on long trips. Taking a glass half full view this is why I’m okay waiting a few more months to be scheduled: 1) As a two door order holder the delay will hopefully give Ford...
  11. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    I agree with most of your post but with a twist on the bold text. If dealers had no orders that could be built against their allocations they‘d simply create stock orders that could be built to consume their allocation so the end result would be the same. The allocations definitely give all the...
  12. 📬 11/18/22 Scheduling Email Received Group

    My 28 years of manufacturing management, scheduling and planning experience agrees with your assessment. That’s the way we counted production - count as built once ready to ship. We would’ve also focused available parts (MIC tops in this case) on the units that were built, maybe a 70/30 or 80/20...
  13. 2021 Bronco ARB Summit Bumper ARB3480010

    Is this 8 tons (16,000#) for each recovery point? In addition to recovery can they also be used to hook up tow bars, via adapters, for flat towing?
  14. Got my Bronco back from the detailer and this was on the floor in the back...before I call...

    They say if you work on a vehicle enough times that pretty soon you’ll have two.
  15. Capable vs modular bumper - BD

    Yes, there are aftermarket lights available for the modular bumper. Do some internet searches and some should come up. Off the top of my head I think Baja Designs has some. For other posters, any questions on price protection can be answered via the FAQs on Ford’s website. There was also a link...
  16. Details of the Ford Performance Winch Package - Installed on a Basesquatch

    Here’s their exact response: Scott, Our bumper is able to be pulled that way as long as you hook something to the shackle mounts on the bumper itself. Judd Oats | National Sales Manager [email protected] Bodyguard Bumpers 903-785-8939 2675 Farm Road 79 Paris, TX 75460...
  17. Details of the Ford Performance Winch Package - Installed on a Basesquatch

    Great observation. That‘s a possibility I hadn’t thought of but it seems unlikely based on the picture. Would have to be a heck of a dip to create the angle on the tow bars and in my case my diesel pusher probably wouldn’t make it through the dip. But would need to see in person, and measure to...
  18. Details of the Ford Performance Winch Package - Installed on a Basesquatch

    Doesn’t rule out flat towing. The recovery shackle mounts used with the winch are still a possible tow bar mounting point since those attach to the frame with brackets. See the three bolts in the picture left of the blue circle. I circled the mounts in blue and they’re called “recovery forgings”...
  19. Skid Plates for Control arms and additional protection for Trail arm

    Yep, they showed those shock mount skid plates in a Rubicon video. Natta on their website though.