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  1. MIC Top 1.0 inside construction & material (cross section) - pics

    So literally cardboard honeycomb encased in foam and a thin layer of blow molded polypropylene. Basically the same thing as an Igloo cooler but they added the paperboard for better dimensional stability. Not sure why this was so hard for Webasto, maybe they should’ve hired Igloo or Yeti for...
  2. Test Drive Causing Me to Re-evaluate

    Totally get where ur coming from. When this thing was announced I was all Bronco all the time for about 9 months. But I refused to put any money on the table for a car without at least seeing it first. Then at long last in March I finally saw one in person at a local dealership viewing and...
  3. TFL: 2021 Bronco vs Wrangler vs Defender - Off-Road Trail Comparison Video

    That wrangler 4xe burning 17 kWh in ~3 miles makes you wonder how quick the new GMC Hummer is going to suck down its 200 kWh of juice at a 9000 lb curb weight. If anyone tries to do real off-roading in that thing it better be less than 50-60 miles round trip from the nearest charger.
  4. 0-60 mph test for 2.3L Bronco with 7-speed manual by TFL

    They’re probably derated for break-in. Apparently mustangs do that, wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case here.
  5. 10R60 Automatic Transmission Specs / Gear Ratios in 2021 Bronco

    I don’t think there will be either, with the hybrid and warthog they’ll already have 4 powertrain choices. The hybrid will be the mileage leader and I don’t think any of the Bronco engines are hurting for more torque. Plus with diesel you have to deal with the exhaust particulate filter, SCR...
  6. Ursa Minor introduces pop-top camper rooftop tent for 2021 Bronco

    Wow I thought these kinds of things were $3k max. $7500 (plus maybe more with options) is way too damn expensive for what it offers.
  7. "Soft Top Cloth w/ Prep Kit" Option Spotted in Ordering System as Possible Hard Top Prewire (For Retrofit Install)

    They should be prepping every single Bronco for a hardtop regardless, but if this becomes a thing it better be free of charge for all these bullshit delays. Especially if they’re telling folks to order a soft top to *maybe* get their $40k plus truck faster. Seriously, why is this even an extra...
  8. 2021 Bronco workshop manual now live

    Good point...would be nice to hear from someone who designed this stuff. I have to believe that with all the effort building ridiculous capability into the Bronco they would’ve accounted for this too. The bracket has to flex at least a little if someone puts a ton of lateral load on the hook...
  9. 2021 Bronco workshop manual now live

    Nice! That gets to the bottom of it then - the intercooler is mounted direct to the frame, and the recovery hook brackets just hold locating pegs to keep movement under control. Still, if you have the regular plastic bumper, it would be suicidal to do real off-roading without a beefy skid...
  10. 2021 Bronco workshop manual now live

    I just noticed this: if you zoom in on the right side of the intercooler mount, you’ll see the hole on the bracket is round. Zoom in on the left and you’ll see it’s oval shaped. This provides the intercooler with a bit of left-right slack in case either recovery bracket flexes under torque...
  11. 2021 Bronco workshop manual now live

    Hope so! Also, zoom in on the left side: the hole looks almost oval shaped to give some play in case one side or the other moves. That might be the out.
  12. 2021 Bronco workshop manual now live

    Not sure I agree there. The hook is welded onto the same bracket that loops around and holds the intercooler flange bolts. So the load passes from the hook to the bracket to the magenta bolts and then to the frame. There won’t be any problems if the truck is being pulled forward, like it...
  13. 2021 Bronco workshop manual now live

    Hold on a sec, is that the plastic intercooler flange bolted onto the same bracket as the recovery hooks?
  14. Boron Steel Performance in Bronco Sport Under Jaws of Life

    This stuff is mainly used for the passenger safety cell, so if a crash got to the point where you’d be worried about the Fortiform parts, there’s a 99.9999% chance the car is already totaled anyways. Now the aluminum body panels are a different story...they are going to be expensive and...
  15. 5/28 Bronco Production Update E-mail & Dealer Insight FAQ 📬

    Didn’t go through 51 pages of this thread to check...but with the top shortage are they wiring soft tops and hard tops the same now? Because I thought I saw somewhere that factory soft tops weren’t wired for the rear wiper. Would be crazy if customers paying $40-70k and foregoing a hardtop to...
  16. Traxxas RC Bronco announced. Maybe I can at least get thisto tide me over...

    Damn these have come a long way in the last 20Y! I had a mid-price battery powered RC Baja type truck back then and it would suck down the 1.5 Ah battery in about 10 mins. With that kind of range there’s no point in the single cylinder gas powered ones any more.
  17. The gas shortage.

    Colonial moves gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. This would actually be a huge deal for air travel if there were more people flying.