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  1. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    Got my email October 18. Base, and v6.
  2. My kid just ruined my Bronco, I hate Instagram.

    Hey, it could be worse. He could've turned it into a squatted truck with flip flop wrap.
  3. Took delivery yesterday: Timeline, MIC Top Inspection, Impressions of Big Bend 2.7L

    Nice, you are a "ROCK STAR". Good detail on your experience with your new Bronco. Looking forward to seeing what upgrades or changes you plan.
  4. No Bronco production Week of 9/13/21

    Wow, I got email yesterday that I was a 9/11 build and they are performing final inspection. Delivery estimate date between 10/8 and or 10/12.
  5. Imogene Pass

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Ford engineers should just stop and ask why? It’s not hard.

    Well, nice list. I only wish I had a Bronco to make al list of crazy things that boggles the mind. Good luck figuring all that out.
  7. Air delivery bronco

    A lot of Muslims in the region go big and have very deep pockets. In the invasion of iraq. I saw in a large garage two old school Broncos. Sone of the rarest cars are in that region.
  8. Double "Bronco" photoshoot during 24 hour demo: 2021 Bronco & OV-10 Bronco

    Very nice. You are living the dream, 2 Broncos so to say. Thanks for sharing I'm impressed with all you do to restore old war birds. I'm an Army Vet and my hats off to you for help keeping some of the unknown military history alive.
  9. 8/15 HOUSTON AREA MEET AND GREET - and all that want to make the drive are welcome!

    Thank you for sharing your pics. Gives me much hope when I get mine to share the love.
  10. First Family Vacation with the Bronco - The Gateway to the West

    Wow, you really put your ride to the test. Your boy look very pleased with trip. In the back of his mind, he's thinking when do I get to drive? Keep on roll bro.
  11. Bad news today… Got a call. Damaged in transport.

    Well, I work for the railroad, once it's on the auto rack it gets locked down and little room for movement. It either got damaged before it was placed on the auto rack or after leaving the auto rack. When it's loaded, I mean someone has to drive it on to the auto racks and sometimes these guys...
  12. Don't trust the Bronco Order Tracker

    That explains some of the pics we have seen with Broncos being stored/moving around. Thanks for the info.
  13. 8/15 HOUSTON AREA MEET AND GREET - and all that want to make the drive are welcome!

    Love to meet everybody, however, I'm working that day. Take lots of pics, if the turnout is fruitful and maybe we'll try another meet.
  14. Test Drive Causing Me to Re-evaluate

    Thank you for your experience. Some days I'm also on the fence but I'm going to stick it out.
  15. Maxlider Bros. Clydesdale II 2021 Bronco build progress - a tribute to the 2019 SEMA Top 12 Bronco

    Very nice. I would enjoy pulling up in either one. Thanks for sharing and keep us posted when we can purchase parts.
  16. Shadow Black Badlands Sasquatch w/ Lux DELIVERED. Impressions from former Jeep owner

    Very nice. Happy for you my brotha, keep us posted. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Admin please delete, will post full review at 100 miles

    Nice brotha. Good day for a few drinks or even a big ass steak.
  18. My Base Bronco Suspension vs Potholes! With Crawler Gear Action

    Great video. Make more and we'll keep watching.