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  1. More Di-Cast 2021 Broncos

    It was the same location as the Hotwheels and other die cast vehicles.
  2. More Di-Cast 2021 Broncos

    This is my son on the day I gave him his own a few days after I received mine.
  3. More Di-Cast 2021 Broncos

  4. More Di-Cast 2021 Broncos

    Came across these today on the worst day to go to a retail store but I think my kid is going to be pretty excited
  5. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    3 weeks in and the MIC 2.0 is showing cosmetic issues. 😢 😠
  6. Forscan unlocks all GOAT modes with any Bronco model trim! How-to DIY instructions

    Where are you located? I would love to do is to mine I’m in LA
  7. Bronco Trail Team Experience Castaic Lake

    Had the opportunity to experience this event this morning. The staff was extremely welcoming as well as informative on how to best use all the capabilities of the vehicles. I was very fortunate enough to have the only SASQUASH Badlands four-door available so I did the course in mine to break it...
  8. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    Also all the vehicles are paid off. There is no debt for the automobiles or motorcycle. So to re-order to put more money down yeah I won’t have a cost newest car on the block but I also love being the oldest car on the block in my Chevelle’s
  9. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    The other vehicles are classic cars and motorcycle. 2-1967 Chevelle’s both weekend drivers and asphalt thrashers. The only vehicle I would think about selling is a 2005 Yukon Denali and possibly one of the Chevelle’s if the money is right. The other vehicle is my daily driver and a nice 40 mpg...
  10. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    So many people getting personally upset about the post and understand why. I ordered never wanting or thinking to sell. On a a few threads seeing sold vehicles it was amazing to see how dealers marked up Broncos because people couldn’t follow through with the order. I would reorder to get back...
  11. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    Want one $ooner?
  12. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    I really like it. There are a few things that I dislike. I went on Sunday to connect my tow hitch bike rack to load up my family for a bike ride and because of the tire I was not able to use it for the trip. I had to use the Dinali which I would rather have used my nice new bronco. So I have to...
  13. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    I love a solo VIP violin performance. Encore! Hopefully you can add saxophone and sarcasm on your next performance
  14. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    I want it. I want to keep it but if the offer is right than I would and just re order and wait. I’m in no rush. I hope that the higher priced sold help the market and keep the value of these Broncos up in a few years and not a big depreciation. I went all out and love my Badlands SAS but ca$h in...
  15. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    I did put those up also. A 05 Yukon Denali (being replaced by the Bronco) Lexus CT200h (work commute) 2-67 chevelles and a Harley Dyna.
  16. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    A way to contribute more to your child’s education or future due to a rare automobile market is not ironic. If an opportunity presents a way to turn a depreciating item into a profitable one than it is something to consider. The Bronco will stay unless a significant to ME dollar amount interest...
  17. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    It’s my Son. He has awesome hair. We cut it recently because the maintenance is tough. People assume that often because he has long great hair.
  18. Carmax Appraisal Offer

    I purchased the power wheel/ kids trax ride on from target and had it painted at my local body shop to match mine. The RC is the one that Walmart had and I painted also.