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  1. Shots fired guys….

    I haven’t done anything below 80 on 95 in the last 10 years!
  2. Jack Location for Changing flat tire

    The arrow is in the picture of the body mount the you posted. It stamped through the metal frame. It’s in this picture.
  3. My Boy and his Broncos

    Yes they are, however they can get a little wild when they all get together now that they’re older! Our house seems to wind up being the rally point which is fine with me and the wife. You just have to step over the bodies! :ROFLMAO: Just saw your in St. Augustine McDill would be great, only a...
  4. Zone Offroad 3" 3.5" and 4" Lift Kits for 2021 Bronco (Sasquatch and Non-Sasquatch)

    That groove in addition to letting the grease out will let water and grit in! Neither is good for the ball joint. I see early life failure.
  5. My Boy and his Broncos

    Our Nephew is in Ft. Worth he fixes the composite parts on the fighters. He wasn’t impressed with the honeycomb or the edges of my sons MIC 2.0 top. He said the honeycomb print through was just cosmetic but the raw edges were just a matter of time before they delaminate. Our nephew, our son and...
  6. My Boy and his Broncos

    Thank you, it was a lot of work getting it back to rust free and running. We literally cut the front of the body off at the rear door jam and replaced everything with reproduction sheet metal. Total drive train rebuild. It get lots of attention when we take it out. It still gets used for what...
  7. My Boy and his Broncos

    Where’s he stationed?
  8. My Boy and his Broncos

  9. My Boy and his Broncos

    Love it! Enjoy him while you can they grow up really fast! :) Then the price of the toys goes way up!
  10. My Boy and his Broncos

    The color is Ford Grabber Blue. My son was hoping it would be available for the 21 MY. He had to go with Area 51 instead.
  11. My Boy and his Broncos

    CTN dad here as well. If you son goes to Ft. Meade he’ll be working at that three letter agency located there.;)
  12. My Boy and his Broncos

    Mine is Navy Cyber Warfare. My nephew is AF fixes airframes.
  13. My Boy and his Broncos

    He’s Navy as well, stationed at Ft Meade. Cryptologic Warfare Activity 66. We live about 3 miles southeast of Office Depot headquarters. Yes a small world!
  14. My Boy and his Broncos

    Here are some photo’s of my son and his two Broncos. The old one is a 73 that he and I restored over two years, the 6G he picked up yesterday. I get to keep the old one :cool: and he is headed back to his duty station in MD with his new one.
  15. Ship Time to South Florida

    It was delivered to the dealer 10/26. Picking it up on 11/05.
  16. Bronco 6G Aftermarket Parts Poll!!!

    One of these!
  17. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    This is what has been seen on tops posted by others. This shows a top produced in May and then primed in September. Fords communication stated that everyone on DM was waiting for and would receive a NEW top prior to shipment, not a different top with a new primer coat.