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  1. I’m letting my wife borrow my Bronco…

    Those damn women...who gave them permission to drive 😅 I'll be protective of mine too! #noboysallowed
  2. Trailer Brake Controller Added to Available 2021 Bronco Accessories

    (I am getting a mannequin w/ no tow package) Any input/suggestions for getting a 7 pin plug? I asked my dealer to put on step bars (no issues) and the tow package with a 7 pin... and they advised that they cannot put a 7 pin on the Bronco, only a 4 pin...
  3. Who has put down a deposit on a demo?

    okay, I am late to this thread (I just randomly ran across it). I have also put a deposit down on a mannequin/dealer demo! I knew Ford was coming out with a Bronco (Bronco Sport was a disappointment), so I waited until my local dealership got a Bronco. At this point I did not realize the...
  4. Things we hear people say about Bronco that make us laugh

    I personally like the memes 😂
  5. "Available for immediate delivery!" in Ohio

    Appears to be a cancelation and just passing it along! At my local dealership (Ohio). "Available for immediate delivery! A full size, four door, harp top, manual, 2021 Ford Bronco. $49,825. Take it home today! This will not last long!"
  6. Mannequin demo purchase reservation legit?

    Also 5k. I was also surprised when I went to look at it that no one had reserved it. I'm still excited though!
  7. Mannequin demo purchase reservation legit?

    I reserved a demo model. Put money down and signed a purchase agreement 🥰
  8. I'm buying a FCTP Demo Bronco

    Anything you would add??
  9. I'm buying a FCTP Demo Bronco

    Next time come pick me up 😂😂🤣🤣
  10. I'm buying a FCTP Demo Bronco

    Well, it's a mannequin.. they are required to keep it on their lot for so many months/miles
  11. I'm buying a FCTP Demo Bronco

    Ah! Miss Amy's is delicious! Congrats on yours! Love the shadow black
  12. I'm buying a FCTP Demo Bronco

    Same! Except I reserved a 2d basesqatch 2.7L with hard top. In my defense, I'm new to the whole, "buying a brand new new vehicle"... and didn't know pre-ordering cars was a thing until I found this forum. 😳 Still doesn't make me less excited! January is when I can get mine!
  13. RAPID RED Bronco Club

    Base Bronco Sasquatch "BaseSquatch" 2-Door in Rapid Red
  14. Chances of 2 door base showing up in dealer stock?

    The only two door bases I've seen have been mannequins. I was able to put money down/reserve on one at my dealership.. just have to wait till the 6 months are up. It's a red two door, hard top, 2.7L, SAs. Please don't come at me for reserving it.. I didn't even know I could pre-order one 🙈.
  15. Are other ladies planning on beautifying their broncos?

    I do not like the look of overly pink/gaudy vehicles. Not my style. I like the ones that have the small details and accents. How you described your purple car; it sounds cute! Just not for me lol I haven't decided what I'm going to do... I will personalize it tho!
  16. 2 Door Bronco decision validated

    Here is the 2d mannequin hard top in Orrville, Ohio.