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  1. Roof Rattle on my MIC 2.0 top. Anyone else?

    I've got the Drivers rattle on my Mic 2.0 as well. It isn't awful, but will def mention it when I visit the dealer.
  2. Video: Bill @ Evilletruck goes full send and breaks his Bronco

    How many people like this show up at the dealer and play dumb? Awe gee I don't know, was just driving down the street and hit a pothole... lol.
  3. Georgia WTB Badlands Takeoffs - Atlanta

    Stock tires 315/70/17. Have since lifted it and is even better looking now.
  4. 2.3 Auto w/ 3.73 Gears on 35's Impression - improved driving experience over stock 32's

    Thank you! Yes they fit fine no issues. Only modification is removing the crash bars.
  5. 2.3 Auto w/ 3.73 Gears on 35's Impression - improved driving experience over stock 32's

    35’s on the standard gears isn’t bad at all. Yes it isn’t as peppy, but I prefer it vs the spastic original setup.
  6. 🐊 Gatorback Mudflaps received 🐊

    You paid $700 for mud flaps? We live in a backwards world right now.
  7. Ceramic coating the MIC top

    I through some Aerospace 303 on mine and it looks really good. Not as permanent as ceramic, but certainly supplies a few months worth of protection. Just renew it a few times a year.
  8. Fish eye imperfections in factory paint

    What is ironic in what you say about waiting to cure times is that they rushed the paint through production only for it to sit for months on Dirt Mountain. I still love the car though and you can’t see it at all under pretty much every lighting condition.
  9. Fish eye imperfections in factory paint

    The paint appears to be evenly applied which is good. I Would never repaint it. Like I said you can’t see it in normal light. Only with intense LED/side lighting etc.
  10. Fish eye imperfections in factory paint

    Thanks for that! You have some awesome knowledge. I don’t really have any of this on my other cars paint so def noticed it as being different and somewhat of a defect vs others.
  11. Fish eye imperfections in factory paint

    Yeah I’m not sure if actual is fish eye since there isn’t really a crater so don’t really know what to call it. It’s is very consistent so I assumed it had been done when painted not from elements in the wild.
  12. Fish eye imperfections in factory paint

    In my younger days, I used to detail cars at a a Nissan dealer. Im not a AMMO NYC level expert but I’ve successfully restored bad paint on plenty of older vehicles. I noticed upon delivery that my Bronco had some water spots on the hood. The car was a dirt mountain detainee so I wasn’t too...
  13. Why is adding Sasquatch to Base cheaper vs. adding Sasquatch to BB?

    Thanks for the explanation, yes it is all tied to the transmission. The more and more I look at it, the Base Bronco w/ SAS is the best trim level out there. Especially for those that prefer to modify things like interior, lighting, side steps etc.
  14. Why is adding Sasquatch to Base cheaper vs. adding Sasquatch to BB?

    I'm considering ordering another Bronco. When messing around with the build and price, why is it more $$$ to add SAS package to BB vs. a Base? Isn't it the same upgrade? Shouldn't BB actually be cheaper considering the standard wheels and tires are more expensive vs BASE and are built into the...
  15. Can't roll all 4 windows up at once.

    I get it, it seems like a silly ask. But it is a bit annoying when it actually happens. Just like why? If there is a good reason I'm willing to accept it, but just seems like a mistake when it does happen. This is while driving down the road, not when you are trying to remotely open them.
  16. Solution for popping/rattling MIC top!

    Mine started rattling today as well at 1,300 miles. Weather starting to drop here in Atlanta as well. Left the car outside a few nights for the first time. Seems no tops are immune to the issue.
  17. Can't roll all 4 windows up at once.

    Has anyone else noticed when you click all 4 window buttons at the same time to roll your windows up, a few don't make it all the way up and pause in the middle of the operation? I've started simply rolling the rears up first and then the fronts, solves the issue. But seems strange they can't...
  18. Sharp Edges on MIC 2.0

    I cut my hand pretty bad first time removing the MIC top. I probably could have actually used a few stitches. Now use gloves whenever removing it.
  19. Hey Southeast, anybody got a positive review for a dealership with NO MARKUPS for their Bronco?

    Two Rivers, Matthew Barker is the man. Zero surprises. Paid invoice.