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  1. Travel Camper Trailer that 2-Door Bronco can handle?

    Looks like we can form an Intech club or something. To the earlier question on showers - easy solution in mounting a road shower or a waterport to the rack (you can see mine on the rack in this picture).
  2. Washington Badlands 33s price?

    I paid $1k installed for my Rubicon take-offs including tpms transfer with maybe 500 miles on them. I assume that is where Badlands take-offs will settle over time while lower trims in the $300-500 range. You can buy them in this range any day for Wrangler take offs in the Phoenix area (likely...
  3. Extended warranty or no extended warranty

    If you have Geico, look into their MBI - they seem to offer it as a perk to keep you as a customer instead of a scam (my interpretation of extended warranties). also “lol” to being surprised a Jeep hasn’t had issues. I assumed once Bronco issues started being reported that people would realize...
  4. Tested out towing a 2900 lbs trailer with 2.7 Badlands w/ tow package

    Yes, please don’t do something insane like using extensions. I use this hitch ball mount on my Jeep to clear the spare- should be similar clearance on a Bronco:
  5. Curious Why it Seems so Many People Want a Manual Trans?

    A Bronco is supposed to be fun - why else put up with horrible mpgs, road noise, pathetic towing capability, etc. if your ideal vehicle needs an automatic and a hardtop go get a explorer or highlander…
  6. Jeep Wrangler trim equivalent to Black Diamond?

    I think the LSD (which is available on Willys and Sport) works great - I have never felt that neither wheel in the back has traction (versus the open diffs on my old Tacoma). Other advantage of LSD is that it is 'always on.'
  7. Decided to Wait for Mansquatch

    Same here - I think I am willing as to wait as long as it takes for Mansquatch. Maybe by the time it is finally available X-plan will be offered on Bronco too. Going Badlands for the manual and biggest (next to Squatch) tires is tempting, but part of my wanting a Bronco is for a meaningful...
  8. How to keep rubber floor mats looking good?

    Chemical Guys has a floormat cleaner that keeps them matte (and not slippery) for <$10 on Amazon. I do it once every ~3 months for my truck to keep them looking new. But for my Jeep I just shake off the big chunks of mud and then toss them back in.
  9. Bronco 2.3L versus Wrangler 3.6L then faces up against a Ram

    When did this place get so angry… My only take away from these 0-60 posts is it helped me decide I “need” the 2.7 as the 3.6 in my Jeep is my least favorite part of its driving experience. Thankfully it is a cheap option and available on all trims so not a big deal.
  10. Soft top touchless car wash?

    I occasionally run my Jeep through one when it is extra dirty/muddy- they say not to due to soap buildup but I see plenty of other soft tops going through as well. No water leakage until you hit the dryers at the end and then at least in the Jeep some water will come in at the top of the door...
  11. A sign of things to come (40.4 Jeep)

    40.4 kWh battery in the 4xe Gladiator coming out soon. Would give it like a 50 mile battery-only range…
  12. Toyota Tacoma .. issues

    I had an early 3rd gen Taco (2016.5) up until about a year ago. It was in the shop a number of times in the first year of ownership (mainly electrical issues and then stuff the dealer screwed up) but then was solid after that. Overall I liked it and was a good size, but then I upgraded to a...
  13. What will your Bronco be towing?

    It’s a pursue. No complaints other than the obvious lack of inside space. It is a solid little trailer for a reasonable price.
  14. What will your Bronco be towing?

    Exactly my problem and why I am considering keeping it and just adding a big one for longer trips/stays. But my fleet and collection of real estate is getting out of hand - already exhausted with tracking property tax bills, insurance, and state registration…plus upkeep and maintenance to keep...
  15. What will your Bronco be towing?

    Same setup as with Jeep - but am debating not even getting the tow package and using my truck as the sole tow vehicle… and maybe upgrade to something bigger.
  16. Moving From Jeep?

    I am in no rush to switch- my 2018 JL is a great weekend toy. I am just waiting to test drive a Bronco with a manual before ordering. I hated the clutch feel on the JL so had to go with the auto which makes it less fun than it should be... Also hoping in 2022+ they make a soft top for the two...
  17. MPG on a first edition 2.7 4door

    EPA rating will probably still be like 20, but 15-16 real world sounds right and plenty have been saying that for a long time. That is why i also has a boring crossover in the garage for long highway drives.
  18. Forester the better buy???

    Obstacles? That trail is long but is basically a dirt road with a hill... pretty sure I have driven it in a 2wd exploder with all season tires. None of this is making any sense.
  19. Spotted Bronco conducting towing / trailering test in MI

    I don’t think so. Even the tiny 16’ airstream basecamp is outside of spec due to the hitch weight.
  20. Antimatter Blue Outer Banks Sasquatch 4-Door with soft top retracted

    Yeah this is the “sun rider” position that is one of the best features of a soft top. I use it all the time with no fear of windows popping out or it somehow ruining the aerodynamics of my filing cabinet on wheels...