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  1. Mic 2.0 different colors?

    Once again. Seriously? @Ford Motor Company
  2. Why are y'all not doing the Bronco Wave?

    I daily drive a 2D JK and I don’t wave at Jeeps. Frankly I just don’t care. I prefer paying attention to where I’m going. The JK thing is new for me, I guess I’m a Tacoma guy at heart. Did I wave at other Tacoma drivers? No. Did I occasionally share a nod at a stop light with a similarly built...
  3. WWYD - fly to pick up or put on a transport?

    fly. handshake. drive.
  4. First Bronco Adventure @ Moab - Elephant Hill Road, Needles District, Canyonland National Park

    Fun area. I look forward to going back with my 2D. Glad to see a Bronco fit through the squeeze.
  5. JcrOffroad’s bolt-on steel bumper parts! Hoops & more.

    JCR, Please build more! I’m a fan of your brand humor & products, keep it up! Caution unsolicited design requests below. Please build… High clearance Steel rear bumper with - tire carrier swing gate w/spare delete (does not need to be linked to the rear door, just make it bomber. It’s ok if...
  6. 500 days since reservation club!

    2nd day Res 2022 Q3 maybe club
  7. Using 2H/4A/4H in Snow-Different Scenarios?

    When in doubt in winter on road 4A. That’s exactly that this mode is for. It behaves like 2H until slip is detected and then transfers power / grip to the front. 2H dry anything general driving. 4H off payment only, requires loose surface 4L same as 4H but off-road trial slow needs only.
  8. Rock Sliders by Goat Fabrication

    Top plates are required.
  9. Here comes the boom! Failed 2.7 engine tracking thread - Ford Please!

    Has @Ford Motor Company recognized / commented on this rather disturbing trend?
  10. Unscheduled Day 1 & 2 Reservations

    7/14 early AM reservation Nada. Reordered for 22.
  11. Area 51 XPEL stealth PPF wrapped Wildtrak w/ matte grille, painted letters, Black Rhino, Magnaflow, Bodyguard

    @Administrator Beautiful Bronco. Doesn’t look like Aldo M is a forum member, but if you have regular communications with him please ask…. -was the grill painted or wrapped? (Gotta be paint) did he do it himself? If yes, did he rattle can it? - process to remove and reattach the grill letters...
  12. Jerry Can mount ?

    Expedition one will be offering one based on the rear swing bumper they showed at Sema. They have been very responsive & helpful to my questions via Instagram. This is my favorite rear bumper so far. (Pic stolen from the Expo One thread) Only downside is the license plate will be mounted on the...
  13. Factory Rock Rails or Wait for Aftermarket Rails + Steps

    All depends on your long term goals & personal preferences. If you’re looking for moderate rocker panel protection and want it now Ford’s offering will be fine. if your looking to regularly drop the vehicle off ledges onto it’s belly then I would recommend waiting for frame mounted sliders...
  14. ADD Addictive Desert Designs Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    More info here.
  15. ADD Addictive Desert Designs Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    What’s this one called? Any additional info released yet?
  16. Expedition One Bronco at SEMA

    Expedition One has been very responsive to my questions on IG which is cool. Unfortunately their license plate mount location is a deal breaker for me. When I’m lucky enough to escape for a few days of wheeling, camping & laughter I always run a trash bag mounted on my spare. Bummer. I’ll have...