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  1. Bronco Owners Poll: have you had any QC issue?

    This is why I haven’t put down a reservation. Quality needs to improve and I gotta get a ride in the darn trim I wanna buy.
  2. Stock Bronco Badlands side-by-side vs Jeep Wrangler Rubicon on 3.5" and 37's

    Whenever I get moving on a reservation leaning towards a Badlands just on 33's. Wish this was an option on the OBX, don't need the SB disco.
  3. IIHS Says Official Bronco Crash Test Results to be Released Next Month

    It’s about time this info comes out. Vehicle is technically in its second year and the results aren’t out.
  4. Badlands 2 door on 37s no lift.... [37x12.50r17 Thompson Baja Boss MTs + Black Rhino Garison Beadlocks with +0 offset]

    I realize I will be in the minority here, I dislike the look of just massive tires. I even am thinking SAS is just too large (33's are the sweet looking spot for me). Nice work on your build, I don't want to deter from your personal ride!
  5. Remove / Replace HVAC Air Vents - DIY how-to video

    Thank you! I hate the blue on the OBX
  6. PHEV plug-in hybrid Bronco testing?

    I would be very interested in an OBX SAS PHEV.
  7. Ford Bronco Raptor Drops Camo For a Revealing Look… Likely to Get ~450 HP

    Okay, am I crazy that I am not digging the large fender flares and tire size??? I was going to get Sasquatch but now this makes me even lean towards just the Badlands and 33's (I wish the OBX came with 33's...). I guess I just like the practical offroader for road trips and two tracks...
  8. Roof rack 100lbs weight limit

    Thank you for the science explanation here all! Wind force can be a b*tch coming from someone that has nearly had two kayaks fly off the roof. Bow lines are critical! Cross winds are just as dangerous, especially where driving for a long period of time on a North/South freeway at 80 mph with...
  9. Soo, my Black Diamond has Outer Banks badges.

    This makes me nervous. Yes it is a sticker. But think about all the other items we can readily notice (seams colors badlands/black diamond seats, hardtop issues, etc).
  10. TrailRax Pak Rax for the Ford Bronco!

    Any possibility on developing just a rack for the rear clamshell? This would allow the front two panels and the middle panel to be removed while still having something mounted up top on the 4 door.
  11. Where are the aftermarket roof racks?

    I know others have said it, I really want to see that rack developed for the back clamshell. That way I could take the front three panels off and still have a cargo box on the back for gear (I also don't have a Bronco yet soooo maybe in '23?)
  12. Bronco Safety Rating?

    Okay, I searched before I posted a new thread, so give me some slack here. Have the ratings came out? I haven't seen them on the website and any ratings are just for the Bronco Sport not the full size.
  13. First Bronco Camping Adventure

    I love your packing skills! I do that with an expedition so I’m nervous about the bronco space (gonna use bike rack and cargo box)
  14. True? 2022 Wildtrack will have MIC Door Handles and Mirror Caps

    I dislike. This pretty much puts me at a Outer Banks now as there really isn't any difference between the two that can't be optioned between the two. I just want that black Bronco emblem on the back. Also, want the Roast interior but gosh I hate the blue that is in there.
  15. Do skis fit in the 4 -door?

    Oh I am confident they will fit. I plan on fitting my mountain bike and longer cross country skis back there.
  16. Why are you choosing the Bronco over competitors like 4Runner and Wrangler?

    - Doors off - Not a jeep (quality wise) - IFS - Roof rack from the factory - Top is in 4 pieces, easier to take off by 1 person
  17. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    I don't see the modular bumper as an option, just the heavy duty one. Don't want the plastic one on the Wildtrak or Outerbanks.
  18. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    Answered my own question.