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  1. 2022 Bronco Raptor makes most revealing public appearance yet

    Nice. Are they changing the tail light design?
  2. JoePostman

    West Texas Broncos

    It arrived at the Dealership today! I can pick it up tomorrow morning. Its gonna be hard to sleep tonight...
  3. Finally arrived!!! ** Airdrie Alberta Canada *** Epic dealership prank

    Wow thats pretty good. That Oxford White one looks real familiar.
  4. Texas Members Roll Call

    Abilene, Tx
  5. 2 Door Badlands Manual First Dirt!

    Do you have two Broncos? Just curious cause your profile says you have a Big Bend, but the video showed a Badlands
  6. JoePostman

    West Texas Broncos

    @flatlander40 Its a Badlands Manual so I'm in the clear thankfully
  7. JoePostman

    West Texas Broncos

    It was in Alliance, TX at 0739 today at this rate I’m hoping to be driving it by Wednesday
  8. JoePostman

    West Texas Broncos

    It is now currently in Kansas City, Kansas (just called)
  9. JoePostman

    West Texas Broncos

    Yeah. I just called my handler and he said that the railcars last update was it left Indiana and was in Chicago, IL yesterday.
  10. JoePostman

    West Texas Broncos

    Mine shipped on the 13th. Now I'm just sitting here impatiently waiting.
  11. Photos & Update From Bronco Dirt Mountain - Oct 19, 2021

    What if they just put soft tops on ones awaiting new hard tops…
  12. 🛠 Official 2021+ Bronco Equipment Installation Guide [PDF]

    Nice! I'll be saving this for later use.
  13. Adding USB Multiport / Splitter / MMB Multimedia Input Box and Simple Dash Mount

    Awesome! Thanks for this, I've been waiting for a post like this (got into an argument with a forum "COP" a couple months ago about this exact idea). This will be perfect for the family while camping or long road trips. Now if we could just get someone to figure out a way to have our bronco's...
  14. Dash and display / radio removal step-by-step DIY video

    What are you on about? I will not be watching it as the driver (because I'm not an idiot or a child) but it will be nice to play music off of youtube or play a movie for my children on long road trip. Please stay in your lane if you have nothing constructive to add to the conversation. Youve...
  15. Dash and display / radio removal step-by-step DIY video

    Has anyone made a video yet on how to jailbreak or just play videos on the screen while driving? I'm glad to start seeing videos like this on the forum, but I choose the high option specifically for the 12" screen. But this is good info for removing panels on the dash.
  16. Boom Blaster Horn Installed! This Bronco Sounds Like a Bronco

    Don't get me wrong I chuckled, but why is this on the front page of News?
  17. Dealer not selling me my Bronco

    EXACLY! This right here. Its a little weird and premature to post something on ebay that you dont have or own yet.
  18. Ditch your Fridge Magnets - Adhesive backed Heritage Bronco Fender Badges by BroncoDepotUSA

    Super nice. Are there any plans for more colors. Hoping to get a red variant.
  19. Dear Ford

    Oh you don’t want to see those. She is a dirty old working girl. She was just supposed to be a daily driver for me until I got my bronco. I got her in April.